Emily Ratajkowski explained why wearing revealing bikinis


Man is a primitive creature, not a couple octopus: for the most part takes the environment for granted and does not think about why everything is so and not otherwise. The sun flows into the Caspian Sea, in order to lose weight, you need to sleep and eat properly, “Zhiguli” ride on the same engine, and Emily Ratajkowski starred in a bikini. It would seem that none of these things need an interpretation of its nature. But the 27-year-old American model suddenly disagreed with this and publicly expressed her views on the role of the bikini in the life of a modern person.

She touched on this issue in a speech on the occasion of the GQ International awarding her the title of “Woman of the Year”, the ceremony was held on November 14 in Sydney, Australia. According to Emily (transmitted by Mail Online), in the current reality, in 2018, it is important for both men and women to be versatile, not to follow stereotypes. “It’s about wearing a bikini on the beach in protest.”She added boldly.

Emily herself is an amazingly versatile and anti-stereotypical personality, her Instagram is a guarantee of that! Support the girl’s protest with a courageous view of this breathtakingly bikinic collection of photos (bonus – an unprecedented swim video)!

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