Emily Ratajkowski is a virtuoso dancer with one booty! Rhythmic video


We realize that it is not appropriate for a male site to have favorites among supermodels. And yet we can’t help ourselves: Emily Ratajkowski is our absolute favorite among the brunette beauties. And it’s not just that Emily is stunningly pretty (after all, it’s not uncommon in the supermodel universe). The thing is, Emily never ceases to amaze us.

Emily surprised us once weird pasta video… We, of course, suspected that the models are constantly on a diet, but in order to unlearn how to manage spaghetti so much …

Second time, we were pleasantly surprised when Emily volunteered advertise swimwear myself from Inamorataswim’s own collection.

It turns out that this is not the end of Emily’s surprises: the model has just demonstrated on her Instagram how skillfully she controls her buttocks. In other, no less obscene words, Emily masterfully performed a dance with one booty! And this must be seen. (Although something tells us that you are already watching the video with might and main without our comment.)

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