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On Tuesday it became known that the Swedish goalkeeper Jonas Enroth returned to Dinamo Minsk. This is great news, because without a very strong goalkeeper, the “bison” have nothing to catch in the season even with Craig Woodcroft, and Enroth is a very strong goalkeeper.

The last time Woodcroft took Dynamo to the playoffs, Scrivens helped him a lot. Is Enroth capable of this?

Enroth left Minsk during the last season to play in the playoffs of the Swedish championship, and returned to us with a slightly different person. In the sense that Jonas was leaving as a bachelor, and will come married. Ehis chosen one is Jessica Zubin. The couple met while Enroth was still playing Buffalo for the Sabers. The return of the Swede to Europe did not prevent the relationship from being maintained. And recently a wedding took place.

Jonas and Jessica spend a lot of time together.

She was with him at the Sochi Olympics, where the Swedish national team came second …

… and I have already dropped in Minsk.

But in general there are plenty of leisure options.

The couple is not only watching hockey. Sometimes he drops by to see NBA games.

The spouses-to-be came to see the Los Angeles Galaxy game.

A few more photos of the newly-made wife.

Photo: Jessica zubin

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