Erotic aerobics in the spring lingerie advertisement from Agent Provocateur



This time the campaign of the British lingerie brand is dedicated to dancing. Agent Provocateur says ballet, fitness and even swimming can (and should) be done in seductive sets from the brand. And I must say, it looks convincing!

The main character was the ballerina Kylie Shea. She was accompanied by 22 dancers who showed not only the movements of classical ballet, but also Latin American dances and even twerk.

After the #MeToo movement, Agent Provocateur, positioning themselves primarily as a brand of women’s lingerie for seduction, of course, had difficulties how to present their new collections and not provoke another harassment scandal. So let’s imagine how many sleepless nights marketers spent before the idea for this video was born.

And here’s some information for you that you are likely to forget right away. The dance was staged by the famous choreographer Daniel Polanco, who worked on the clips of Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson and Beyoncé.


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