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All Belarusian athletics are currently waiting for the main start of the four-year period – the Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo this summer. Most of the Belarusian athletes naturally dream of the coveted medals. Belarusian jumping Anastasia Mironchik-Ivanova is no exception.

Anastasia Mironchik-Ivanova: “We are going to the Tokyo Olympics to fight only for the highest step of the podium”

In February, the athlete took “bronze” twice in international competitions: first at the Indoor ISTAF in Berlin, and then at the World Athletics Indoor Tour in Llevant.

The girl loves to show how good she is outside of sports. For example, with the World Cup in Qatar, where the athletes were exhausted from the heat, Mironchik-Ivanova took fifth place and brought a bunch of hot photos.

Athletes cursed the heat at the World Cup in Qatar – and the Belarusian blissed out by the pool and took a hot photo

True, candid photos of Belarusians sometimes anger fans, which leads to negative comments. But Anastasia does not pay attention to this: she loves to take pictures beautifully and does it for herself and her loved ones. The opinion of the others does not really bother her.

Mironchik-Ivanova about her Instagram photos during the World Cup: “In my free time I can do what I want”

Recently, the Belarusian woman added another photoset to her collection – very frank and erotic.

Source: Instagram of Anastasia Mironchik-Ivanova


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