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Figueiredo promises to knock out Benavides again

UFC flyweight title contender Davison Figueiredo (18-1) shared his thoughts on the upcoming rematch with Joseph Benavides (28-6).

“Benavides has a lot of shortcomings, for example, he does not know how to hit on the retreat. I know about his weaknesses, and this knowledge will help me knock him out again. He will try to move after each attack, but this strategy will not help him, because I will chase him. I don’t know how long I plan to run, but I’m ready for at least 10 rounds. I will hunt him down and eventually I will knock him out.

The collision of heads in the first fight was his fault, he then attacked. When he felt that he was bleeding, he became so nervous that he immediately began to feel his face with his hand. For a few seconds he lost concentration, and I saw the opportunity to attack and knocked him out. My style is deadly. I hope this time he will not be distracted by anything, and then I will prove to the whole world that my victory was not an accident.

In the first fight I missed a lot, but rest assured, this will not happen again. I have fixed all my mistakes and I am ready to finish it. I attack like a tiger completely unexpectedly. He hit me, but I waited for the perfect moment and hit him with all my might. That was the end for him. In the second round he was knocked out, ”finished Figueiredo.


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