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Nikolay Komlichenko came to Dynamo earlier this year. In the RPL, the striker appeared in the starting lineup 6 times (4 more to replace) and scored 3 goals. For the 25-year-old striker, the last game stood out from the rest. Komlichenko really has a lot to do with Krasnodar.

– You played against the team that raised you for the first time.

– In general, I entered the field of the Krasnodar stadium for the first time. When I returned from a loan at Slovan, I just found myself on the bench. During the presentation of the teams, all Krasnodar players had a video on the scoreboard. And only I have a photo and a surname.

– Have you met many familiar faces?
– Yes, I talked to young people who did not make it to the base. Plus with Gray [Сергеем Петровым]who missed the match due to disqualification. Well, doctors and administrators. After the match with Gazzik [Юрием Газинским] talked.

– And from the management?
– With Aram Ardashevich [Фундукяном – директором академии] looked at each other and waved at each other. Immediately in my head, the stories of the times of the academy flashed: how he called me into the office, how he lectured me, how they talked about contracts.

– And what did they scold?
– Sometimes I did not have time to study or questions arose in terms of behavior. They could scold me for training. Although, in general, I was a decent student. They scolded more than other guys. I was hanging on the honor board. It happened that I got in with someone, and we were turned on by a whole group. And then they were guilty of trifles – they were late or took out their phones in class. The discipline was such that they could both be thrown out of the academy for a fight.

“I was in tears, furious.” Magomed-Shapi – about childhood, “Krasnodar” and Galitsky

In Makhachkala, he played on a box, in Krasnodar he took out the door with his feet, and also ran at 4 am on the water.

– Shapi said that he once kicked down the door to the Krasnodar academy, and how he flooded a residential building. What stories do you remember?
– Like Sergei Nikolaevich [Галицкий – владелец «Краснодара»] climbed onto the roof to extinguish the fire. The roof of the school’s main building was on fire. We saw everything from the outside, a vivid impression. The only thing, I don’t remember exactly, was he extinguishing or just climbing in to control. It was about 7-8 years ago.

– Now in the composition of “Krasnodar” a lot of young people, but you did not intersect with them?
– I found someone. Dan Adamov was with me in Krasnodar-2 in the second league. He didn’t play, but he trained with us. Shapi and the rest of the guys worked in the youth team with the current head coach. I know everyone. Still, from the same academy – we saw each other both at school and in training. Constantly in touch, there was something in common, talking …

– Joaozinho did not celebrate a goal against Krasnodar. What if you scored?
– Also, most likely. This is a sign of respect for the former team for everyone. Although, of course, everyone has a different relationship.

“I had to prove to my family through a video call that everything is fine with me”

– When the players at Dynamo got sick with the coronavirus, did they understand that Krasnodar would allow the match to be postponed?
– Knowing the president, there was a chuyka. Sergey Nikolaevich was distinguished by this, that he did not need a victory at any cost. Everything according to football terms. This transfer was respected, although there was no chance of doubt.

– How did you find out about those who got sick at Dynamo?
– Check in to the base in the morning – one or two days before the game. We were told not to leave the rooms and not to contact anyone at all: “They will bring you food.” We lived one person per room. In the first days there was a slight panic. We waited to be allowed to fly, because we did not have much contact with the sick.

– How long did you spend as a result?
– We did not leave the room for about a week – until the game against CSKA. Been in the room on bikes, Zoom workouts [видеоконференции]…

– Information flashed that you also fell ill with coronavirus.
– Even the guys began to fear me, although I did not have a crown.

– What happened?
– I just got sick. The first three days – temperatures up to 38 degrees. I passed several tests at once and blood for antibodies plus a smear twice. All results are negative. Only then did I calm down, and before that it was alarming. The symptoms were similar to the coronavirus, but the sense of smell was present – it was reassuring.

– Did your relatives worry about the news about you?
– They called: “Why didn’t you tell us? How is your health?” I had to prove through a video call that everything is fine with me. I tried to stop my worries.

– And your feelings are now connected with the Russian Cup …

– It is clear that Dynamo will benefit from Zenit’s victory in the final. What is there to hide.

– In the Europa League, the qualifying round, apparently, will consist of one match, not home / away. It’s hard to figure out how it will look yet?
– Honestly, I don’t know at all. There are so many things now: virus, gloves, masks, tests. Thinking about how to play and not get infected. Moreover, the Cup is not over yet and anything can happen. When we finish the season, let’s breathe out and see.

– Will there be a vacation between seasons?
– Three or four days will give in theory. But before that, we spent 2.5 months at home, and not in the club.

– Not the best substitute for vacation.
– Yes, such a thing. Especially if you have not a house, but an apartment, then psychologically pressures. Now we have to be patient, since we took such measures for the sake of football. But now there will be no one and a half months of heavy training. We got in shape and should not lose it by the start of the new championship.

– Did you quickly agree on a salary cut for the period of isolation?
– Yes, we promptly agreed with the management. Everyone understood everything. If we don’t train, then why should we receive a full salary? A justified step.

“Three years in the Czech Republic have changed my attitude towards football”

– Are you following Mlada?
– Yes, I saw the games, I watched Alex [Алексеем Татаевым]… It’s a pity that they didn’t make it to the Europa League.

– What does Tataev tell you?
– He is still in the Czech Republic. The borders are closed and he cannot fly on vacation. And if he returns, then he will have to go through 14 days of quarantine.

– Is he in the Czech Republic without a family and a girlfriend?
– Family in Taganrog. And he didn’t seem to have a permanent girlfriend, as far as I know.

– With the personal it is clear. How is he playing?

– Wants to join a stronger team. God grant that he took a step forward. In “Mlada” he shows himself well, is considered one of the leaders there, and I heard positive reviews about him. It is, of course, hard for him without me, but I trained him – taught him everything I knew.

– What then?
– Showed places, restaurants, routes, how to get to Prague. Well, how to behave in the locker room. He is an adequate guy, he immediately joined the team. It also helps on the pitch. First, I spoke with my partners in broken Czech. I advised him to definitely study with a tutor. When the team goes to drink coffee after the games, there is no need to step back.

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– Do you still remember Czech?
– Yes, sometimes I correspond with the guys on Instagram. I congratulated Lazio Takacs on the championship, who moved to Slavia. I haven’t forgotten the language yet.

– Did you practice with Kral?
– After the game we talked in Czech. He asked, “Oh, Komley, how are you?” I asked about Russia and the RPL.

– And how is he?
– He says it’s a strong league. Harder than in the Czech Republic. He said that there are so many strong players that it is necessary to constantly give all the best and think quickly.

– In general, three years in the Czech Republic have changed you?
– Yes, there is a different attitude towards football. In terms of play, he added. You see for yourself, I got into the national team.

– A different attitude to football? Decipher.
– Warm up before training, I stay after them … In Krasnodar I didn’t devote much time to this. In the Czech Republic, I wanted to work more on myself. Well, in terms of psychology: I get upset less after unsuccessful games. Although now it is difficult to endure defeat. After them, it is harder to recover. You try to forget the result, but you still analyze the moments and understand where you could have played better. This will always be, but before there were too many reflections – he walked sad. If you didn’t get into the squad, you could be offended by the coach or someone else. Although this was not necessary at all. In the Czech Republic, I changed my approach.

– The best scorer of the Czech Championship – does it give you confidence?
– I don’t talk about that and don’t remember. Not that it gives confidence, but rather a charge. When you move to a stronger championship, you need to prove that you correspond, it was not by chance that you ended up here.

– After the Czech Republic, was it hard to get used to the Moscow traffic on the roads?
– And I do not travel so much – mainly to trainings and back. Although sometimes I get out to the city too.

– What are you driving?
– Chevrolet Camaro – my wife and I were presented for a wedding. In general, I like Chevrolet cars, legendary American cars.

– Did you drive the car to the Czech Republic?
– No, I asked my friends. They traveled twice, and I traveled from Krasnodar to Stavropol at the most.

Nikolay Komlichenko

Nikolay Komlichenko


“During the break, Sanych crammed – we went out and scored against Ufa

– How satisfied are you with the first six months at Dynamo?
– I’m not happy with my game. Until I show what I can. A blurry start, and now I’m still sick before the RPL resumed. So far I got in shape … And now there is such a struggle for points that you can’t show much of the game. In terms of running work, I do it normally, but the performance does not suit me. Everyone is waiting for more, I myself am waiting. If these six months were adaptation, then in the next championship you need to take a step forward – to show yourself to the fullest.

– When fighting for points, you can’t really show the game – is there really a contradiction?
– Yes. The first 3-4 teams have their own set game. The rest just sit on the defensive. If you played to zero, then everything is fine and there will definitely be moments ahead. It’s hard to play offense here. Once the opponent will run away to counterattack, and you get 0: 1. Then go hack this defense. There is our match with Tula. Even the removal from the opponent did not help us. One point is better for everyone, so it is more reliable. So they play from the stove. So I understand the fans. When there are no heads, it doesn’t look so pretty.

– It is clear that they talk about their coach either well or not at all. And yet, what is Novikov’s trick?
– I understand that it is hard for journalists. You do not know what is happening in our dressing room and in training. I will not disclose either. I can say that in terms of tactics Kirill Sanych is preparing for his opponents. We go out on the pitch and know the strengths and weaknesses of the teams. Plus, the coach has an individual approach to his players. He communicates with everyone, is always open to dialogue. If you don’t like something in the game or just want to discuss, then you can talk without any problems. I spoke with him personally several times – both in the game and not only.

– BATE players toldthat Goncharenko can throw ice in the locker room during the break. And Novikov?
– Sanych can calmly explain and emotionally stuff. With Ufa, for example, during the half-time I shoved the whole team – we added on the move and scored in the second half.

Nikolay Komlichenko

Nikolay Komlichenko

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

– And the last thing. You constantly go out on the pitch with your wrists bandaged. Why?
– It helps. I noticed this for myself in the Czech Republic. It is important to use your hands correctly when fighting for the ball. Due to the tape, they are less relaxed. It’s not for beauty, as some people think. Not soft wristbands, as before, but hard tape. And then the team was also surprised: “You are strange, Komli. Why do you need it?”

– And what really helps?
– Try it yourself when you go to the hall. First, a soft tape, and on top of a hard or plaster. Put stress on your hand and notice.

– Doesn’t it affect blood circulation?
– You don’t need to squeeze your hand hard. It shouldn’t turn blue. Just a little to feel.


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