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Roman Galeev tests insane builds for you.

Immediately after voting for the hero of this release, a patch was released that presented a bunch of new opportunities for my experiments. But you need to keep your word, therefore – we disassemble the Mid Disruptor.

Disruptor’s mid lane strengths

• Solid and very aggressive lane, driving half of the mid lanes to the base.

• At any time in the game, turn off 1-2 heroes. With skillful teammates and without saving from enemies, we kill with one button.

• All mid lane casters and heroes like Jagger / Gyrocopter left the chat when they see your Aghanim on the twentieth or more never enter it.

• Doesn’t require a lot of farming.

• If you’ve missed the mid-lane gankers who must gank once a minute, Disruptor is the perfect choice.

Weaknesses of Disraptor in the mid

• Awful, just disgusting farming speed. Even spamming Thunder Strike on a pack of creeps won’t help, because the damage from it is not controlled, you are guaranteed to lose 1-2 creeps.

• We are a cotton bun that wants to go to Aghanim and Blink, not save artifacts.

• Disruptor is a very situational pick. Usually for Four Reports I spam the hero in every game, but here it would be an outright ruin. I will tell you about the conditions under which you can take this hero below.


Maxim lightning, pumping up Glimpse and Kinetic Field in parallel.

Talents are easy to choose: lightning damage on the tenth, the duration of the ult on the fifteenth, +3 Thunder Strike hits and reduced Glimpse cooldown. On the twenty-fifth, you can take Kinetic, but, in my opinion, it is weaker.


Null Talisman. One is definitely needed in order to have any decent damage from the hand. Two, in my opinion, will slow us down too much.

Bottle. Mandatory build item, with it we will spam with lightning on the mid lane.

Veil of Discord. Stats, manaregen, + damage for procast. Musthav.

Aghanim Scepter. This is what we take Disraptor for. Most often we exit right after Veil, but there is an option through …

… Blink Dagger. If you need to be the first to hit the target sharply, if you need survivability, take the blink before Aghanim.

Kaya & Yasha… Need more Static Storm damage! Well, the move speed will not be superfluous at all – with it we will be able to catch up for Glimpse and run away from the carry.

Etherial Blade. Will increase the chance to kill the enemy for procasting + save from a physical peak. Don’t forget: we have no save and no density at all.

Eul Scepter / Aeon Disk. Can be useful against specific matchups.

What are we basically doing on the map?


We cosplay Kvopu. If you play mid and have no experience with Disraptor. Imagine that you are Quopa. We spam the enemy with a nuke, often beat him (the attack range allows) and do not let him calmly beat creeps.

The Glimpse Abuser. Glimpse works especially well when the enemy mid lane approaches our tower to finish off the creeps there. At this point, we need to attack him in all ways – as soon as he wants to move away, use Glimpse under the tower, around which the enemy creeps have already died. Three nuts on the back of the enemy are guaranteed.

Another useful feature of Glimpse: it allows you to win the fight for the rune without a fight. Therefore, we need Bottle up to the fourth so badly.

Ganking just like in 2013. Has the haste rune appeared? Is there a sixth level? You urgently need to realize all this good. Nowadays mid lanes rarely chase frags, and so our attack will be even more unexpected. Believe me, even a third lightning and glimps are often enough to kill a double.


We will implement the ultimate on cooldown. We did not come here to farm, but to turn off the most dangerous target in the fight.

We farm packs of creeps with lightning. With the level 10 talent and Veil’s debuff, we kill all melee units with one lightning. Ideally, use it before the enemy creeps approach ours, so that they don’t take 1-2 creeps.

Leith Game

We initiate fights. Our task is to turn any fight into a 4v5 fight. Do not try to cover the ulta of five (only if you do not have Magnus or Dark Sire), it is better to securely take one and then fight with an advantage.

We keep the positioning. If you were attacked first, you will almost certainly die without exchanging, not having time to issue an ult.

When to take Disraptor?

This is the most important point. Since midlaners almost always have a last pick, we can make our pick based on the draft. So, you DO NOT take Disraptor if:

• The opponent has a strong solo-target sub-save (Shadow Demon, Oracle).

• Offlane and carry – two solid heroes who don’t care about Static Storm (Centaur, Sven).

• If the hero on the mid lane (suddenly he was not taken to the last pick) does not die at the sixth level from a procast (Medusa, Dragon Knight).

You take Disruptor if:

• You have a greedy four or three (Magnus, Techies (2 games – 2 wins), Mars, Nature’s Prophet).

• If your carry has strong late potential (Specter, Terrorblade, etc.)

• If you can kill enemies all over the map with a team from the seventh to the fifteenth minute. Let’s say Omniknight is Disruptor’s poor mid ally.

Allied Rush Response: Neutral

Either people do not yet know the new meta of the patch and believe that this is new normal, or the concept of Disraptor itself is easy to explain. In general, no one for all the games did not throw reports before the start, and after the match only one person presented it, and then – for my crooked ults. By the way, this is important: before the game, practice putting the cage: it has a second delay, so you won’t be able to just cover it with the edge, and your opponent will simply run out.

Counter pick: Brood. I banned her in every game, because I don’t even want to imagine what she would do to me on the lane and with the teammates in the game.

Overall subjective build rating: 6.5 / 10

With certain matchups, I will seriously think about taking Disraptor to the mid lane without experimenting. He performs well against some of the “booster mid”, such as Tinker and Meepo. Because no matter how well you push the buttons, what good is it if you’re in a mess?

Now let’s pick a hero for the new episode!

Other issues of “Four reports”

NS, I want to watch Dota and relax, not listen to nagging

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