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After a grueling season, Belarusian footballers are enjoying beaches around the world. They bask in the sun in the company of their second halves, who willingly show off their swimwear online. Post of real beauty.

Polina Karpovich, wife of Isloch’s protector Sergei Karpovich, sends greetings from Mexico.

Hot Alexandra Stasevich.

Ekaterina Margevich and Valery Gromyko sunbathe in the Dominican Republic.

Artem Bykov and his wife Ekaterina are also in Mexico.

Maria Zolotova, the wife of the former Vitebsk defender, swims on the Dominican Republic’s largest island, Saone.

Alexander Gleb’s stepdaughter Anastasia Gubarevich and Vladislav Klimovich went there to rest.

Ekaterina Komarovskaya is spectacular as always.

Sunny Arina Rios.

Yegor Filipenko and his wife Ekaterina hang out in Bali.

And Alexander Sachivko with his wife Tatyana – in the Emirates.

Happy Anna Zaleskaya.

Leopard Karina Veretilo in Bali.

Torpedo-BelAZ midfielder Nikita Nikolaevich took his friend Alexander to the Dominican Republic.

Evgeny Shevchenko with his bride Daria in Thailand.

There, after a merry wedding, Ivan Bakhar is also resting with his wife Ksenia.

That’s what a carbon monoxide football wedding is! One of the most promising players in Belarus got married at 21

Artem Milevsky is not alone in Bali, but with his girlfriend Valeria.

It seems Milevsky has a new girlfriend. This is the ex-wife of a rower deputy

Photo: instagram /kat_komarik, zolotovamariiiia, anna_zaleskaja, kat_rudko, sashastasevich, karpovich_sergey17, tatsi_sachivko, katherinemargevich, kateerini, arinarios, karinaver, smirnovaa_, evgeniyshevchenko96, darykislinskaya, ks_bakhar, valeria_0001

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