Greet with bread and salt! “Mrs. Russia – 2018” Anna Telegina


The rest of the titles were honestly shared by Ksenia Andreeva, St. Petersburg (“1st Vice Mrs.”), Evgenia Burlo, Gelendzhik (“2nd Vice Mrs.”), Tatyana Gryaznova, Nizhny Novgorod (“Grand Prix”) and – we they promised! – that very exceptional Elena Lazarenko (“Mother of the Year”)! But because she has not like you – one cat and a trace from the spider Senya on the wall, but 8 (in caps – EIGHT) children.

But for some reason, behind all these ranks and titles we have moved away from the winner. So, Anna Telegin: 30 years old, two children, one husband and countless activities in life! An environmental volunteer (as a member of the Green Party and a member of the Separate Collection movement and the EcoDvor project is fighting for separate waste collection and planting recycling points across the country) – this is one time, a model is two, a public figure and a sociologist are three and four. And from her Instagram, we realized that she is filming on TV and loves her husband very much.

While Anna is preparing to represent Russia in the international ring – the competition “Mrs. Earth Globe”, we scrolled through it with all respect “Instagram” and agreed with Rabindranath Tagore: “Mrs. Russia” is better to see once than to read under the shade of poplars, even in the performance of such an authoritative source as MAXIM. Who are we to argue with Rabindranath Tagore ?!

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