“He’s only 37 years old.” Parfyonov is sure that Pogrebnyak will still play


Former head coach Ural Dmitry Parfenov in an interview for the Football of Russia program on the Russia 24 TV channel, he noted that the forward Pavel Pogrebnyak can still pursue a career. The 36-year-old striker, who will turn 37 in November, left the team from Yekaterinburg at the end of the season.

– You had a case of illness – Pavel Pogrebnyak fell ill with coronavirus. There was no excitement that there could be a flash in the team?

– No one yet understands what it is, how it will spread to the team. We did tests, each one came separately, initially we did not collect everyone in a heap. Of course, this is a shock, a surprise. Pashka himself is a very strong man in spirit, he said on the third day: “Take me out of here, I’m ready.” But there are rules to be followed.

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