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There are even Simple clutches.

Channel movie makers Style Productions only in July 2020 summed up the results of 2019 in CS: GOby releasing a 15-minute video with the best moments of professional matches over the past season. Only after watching the video in its entirety you understand why it was released so late, because there was no such level of entertainment and editing in Counter-Strike movies for a very long time.

In the comments, the fragment has already been named the best in the history of CS: GO. There really is something to admire here: for example, the coolest work with the camera and the transitions from one highlight to another. Anyone who has ever tried to make a Counter-Strike video will understand that making a video that smooth and beautiful is extremely difficult.

The moments with the frags themselves are also conveyed amazingly. They are recognizable from the very first second, but thanks to competent visual tricks they look much more spectacular. Remember powerful Simple Clutch vs NRG? In this version, the highlight can easily be mistaken for an excerpt from a Hollywood action movie.

This is what happens when truly talented people take on the creation of a CS: GO video, who are also a fan of the game.

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