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Sean O’Malley: “I am the most talked about fighter in the division”

American UFC fighter Sean O’Malley (12-0) spoke about the current situation in the bantamweight division.

“I am by far the most talked about fighter in the division. I speak boldly about Peter, Cody, Henry and other dudes, and they all answer me. They all understand that in the future I can become their rival. They see me as a serious threat.

I clearly managed to get into Peter’s head. He constantly thinks of me. He sees me in his dreams and then wakes up and asks someone to help him tweet.

Nothing personal. These guys can say whatever they want, I won’t take their words to heart. I treat all this as part of our business. But short people, like Peter, Cody, Henry, have the little man syndrome, and they take offense at everything.

When I have no health problems, I like to fight often. With pleasure I will go to the octagon in August, I am ready to return.

I think everyone who understands the technical aspect of martial arts understands that I am ready for fights with top dudes. However, they do not want to promote me to the top, because then I will have a very limited choice of opponents. But in any case, I am confident that I can beat any fighter in the division, ”said O’Malley.

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