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Brandon Moreno: “I have to be the next contender”

Mexican fighter Brandon Moreno (17-5-1) shared his thoughts on the current situation in the UFC flyweight division.

“I have to be the next contender, this is a very obvious fact. If Alexandre Pantoya won his fight, then he could demand the title and the situation would be controversial. But he lost. And I go on a series of victories, and even in a duel with Askarov, I think 80-85% of the audience considered me a winner.

Now the path is clear, and I can easily fight for the belt, since Davison became the champion, not Joe. I wouldn’t want to fight Joe. I wouldn’t do that, and I’m sure he will too. Although, perhaps, I am too sentimental, and he would have taken it more calmly.

But I have nothing to do with Davison, and it is obvious that our fight must take place. At the press conference, he carried all sorts of nonsense, said that he wants to rise to the lightest weight, but I pray to God that his words will be ignored and he stayed here to defend his title.

His fight with Joe was one-sided, but he did not make much of an impression on me. I think Joe was not mentally ready. This is familiar to me. Sometimes you wake up on the day of a fight and feel great, but the moment you enter the octagon, something happens in your head or you have a panic attack, and your mood changes dramatically.

I think something similar happened to Joe. At the moment of the fight, he did not feel one hundred percent sure, and therefore Figueiredo looked so cool. I think Davison has a very hard hit. He is physically very strong, but personally it seems to me that he lacks speed. I’m much faster than him. I’m much more explosive. And this will give me an advantage in the fight with him, ”said Moreno.

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