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Original a game (not the Definitive Edition) hit the shelves four years ago, but is still the subject of ridicule and is considered the worst in the series. I passed it to make sure of all its sins personally and to check the very Definitive Edition – I started playing before the update and finished after.

The plot is about nothing, but the atmosphere is cool

The main character is an orphan Lincoln Clay, who was raised almost in a church, took the path of crime, found a family in the black mafia, and then went to fight in Vietnam. When he returns, he begins to put in order the affairs of the adoptive family by radical methods. Soon, his black mafia is destroyed by the Italian mafia, and Clay is shot in the head.

Lincoln survived (for some reason) and took revenge. He gathers around him people who want to squeeze business from the Italians, among these people – a disabled person, a woman and, suddenly, Vito Scaletta.

We go from one henchman boss of the mafia to another, simultaneously cleaning up areas, we reach the main mafia and take our revenge. In fact, this is the whole plot. Interestingly, the game has three endings: good, bad, and nothing – the hero simply leaves the city.

However, one of the advantages of the game is the atmosphere of New Orleans 1968. The main character is dark-skinned, and this is important, because in the 60s of the last century, the process of overcoming racism was just beginning. And at the same time, the Ku Klux Klan was revived, which is even shown in the game (a couple of missions are connected with this).

Trips in the car, as before, are also immersed in the era – delightful music comes from the radio. And the cars themselves came out cool.

Characters, Dialogue, and Grafon

I will not say anything new, all claims on all fronts have long been studied. The main character is an unremarkable log, the character is empty and uncharacteristic. Dialogues are sheer pathos, which is completely out of place here.

I liked only Burke’s character – this is an alcoholic with a broken leg, life and relationship with a child. He somehow managed to be remembered because of his drunken antics, fiery speeches and mustache. There is also Vito Scaletto in the mafia, when he first appeared, I exclaimed: “Wow, this is Vitto!” But as the game progressed, I realized that this was not a character I liked at all, but some of his pale shadow.

The third accomplice is a woman. And this is not sexism, just her character came out so faded that I did not remember anything at all, first of all by the name.

A couple of new words can be said about the graphics, because the Definitive Edition was released only recently. The reflection in the mirrors was not corrected, the lighting became worse, for some reason the main character’s jacket began to twitch in the cutscenes. I understand that this is just a bug, but I did not meet with them before the remaster. In general, the creators with their patch only ruined the already faulty game.

Another small paragraph with pluses is shooting. Good recoil, you feel the weapon, the shootings are interesting and varied.

What’s the bottom line?

I solved the problem with the plot brilliantly: I played with headphones, listening to Meladze, MakSim and Slipknot. Yes, I have that taste. Playing in this way, it was magical to spend time: you come after work, pleasant music starts, you run, shoot, ride cars. The buzz. The game is addictive, it can only be bought because of a simple formula and a complete shutdown of the brain during the passage.

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