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Carlos Felipe: “I want to have a revenge with Spivak”

25-year-old Brazilian UFC heavyweight Carlos Felipe (8-1) commented on defeat in a duel with Sergey Spivak (11-2).

“I am disappointed. I reviewed the recording of the fight ten times and saw that the judges were wrong. I asked several people – not just fans, but, for example, Andre Pederneiras came to my hotel and said that it was at worst a draw. The Minotaur said the same thing.

I watched the fight many times, but did not see how I could lose the first or second round. In the third, there was a clear 10-8 in favor of Spivak, but he did not win a single round again.

Disappointment. You train, you plow, and the judges give it out. They gave me shit.

I want to have a revenge, but I know it won’t be easy to get it. The soul demands revenge, because this fight was mine. Now stuck in my throat.

I have been idle for three years (in 2017 Felipe got caught on steroids – approx. ed.), so I tried to play carefully. I knew that he would fight, that he would not tolerate my blows the whole fight.

It was necessary to keep a higher pace. If I had delivered more punches, Spivak would not have reached the third round. But due to the long downtime and knowing that he would fight, I did not want to give my best. I went out trying to work for sure and paid for it, ”said Felipe.

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