I wish I had smashed my face then


During the tour of the dressing room of the St. Petersburg army team at the tournament in Finnish Payulahti, it was thought that it is not easy for an uninitiated person to understand which of the guys is changing where. Perhaps only the hockey players themselves can accurately determine where their things are lying around. Amid the chaos of all kinds of game ammunition, only one place caught the eye, above which a small Orthodox icon was carefully attached. SKA striker Alexander Shinkar turned out to be the owner of the things. For some reason, it was with this nuance that our yesterday’s conversation began.

– Are you really such a believer?

– Yes, that is right. But I just can’t stand the post. Too much physical activity has to be experienced. As for the icons, I usually take with me on trips the face of Alexander Nevsky and the icon that my father gave me, who blessed the team when I was still playing for Severstal.

– By the way, why didn’t you manage to play in any team, except for SKA?

– There were different reasons. For example, in “Salavat ” for some reason relations with coaches and team leaders did not work out. As a result, I was exchanged for Lesha Tsvetkov at SKA.

Mikhailov has no favorites

– They say you were the favorite of Boris Mikhailov?

– In my opinion, Boris Petrovich never had favorites. He never singled out anyone. Although, I will not argue, Mikhailov trusted me very much. Plus, I had great linemates.

– How did you perceive the change in the coaching staff at SKA?

– Ironically, I got a serious shoulder injury just in the match after which Mikhailov resigned. After the game, we were introduced to new coaches, but I only managed to say hello to them and say goodbye.

– In that game with “Vityaz ” did you “fly ” shoulder?

– At the end of the match, I collided with an opponent’s defender … We flew with him in different directions. He’s to the center of the field, and I’m right in the side … It would be better if I smashed my face, honestly. After all, then I had to recover for a very long time: I walked in a special bandage for a month, then I worked on my shoulder …

– Unlike last season, in this one you are constantly pursued by some sores …

– I agree, this is not the best year in my career. As soon as I get fit, another injury knocks me out.

– How did you experience being excommunicated from hockey?

– Usually in such cases it is easy to get depressed or withdraw into oneself. And yet I tried not to fill my head with negative thoughts and did everything possible to get back on the ice as quickly as possible.

Found my wife in the next doorway

– You have a rather rare surname, do you know what it means?

– She is Ukrainian. According to one version, it used to be the name of a person who always pours a drink for a guest, according to another – the owner of a pub. By the way, in St. Petersburg there is a restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine called “Shinok “. So, there is a meat dish called “Shinkar’s Dream “. True, I never tried it. For some time now I do not eat pork.

– The surname is Ukrainian, but you were born in Ufa …

– Yes, because my mother is a Bashkir. True, in her native language I can only count and greet.

– Who brought you to hockey?

– My friend brought me to the section. Unfortunately, he died very early in a car accident. But we still maintain good relations with his parents.

– Were you neighbors with your wife too?

– Yes, Katya and I lived in the same house, only in different entrances. True, my wife does not live with me in St. Petersburg all the time, but rather “tours ” between the two cities.

– How do you rest from hockey?

– I love being in nature, playing Russian billiards with friends … Recently, my parents gave me a good cue. I think next time I’ll ask them for a billiard table at the dacha (smiles). Previously, on the SKA base, billiards was a favorite pastime, but now the guys hardly play.

Anyone can become a maniac

– What about fishing?

– I remember that at the training camp in Finland Igor Emeleev took us to the lake with him. But I very quickly got tired of drilling the float with my eyes. An empty lesson, it is better to go to the cinema. Just recently with Anton Booth and Lesha Akifiev were on the film “Hannibal “.

– Do you like horror movies?

– No, but the film is good. I just wanted to see the sequel to “Silence of the Lambs “. The second episode explains why this man became so violent. From such a life, any person would become a maniac.

– I hope it’s more fun in the SKA locker room than watching this movie?

– Nobody nailed the boots. But the team is friendly. In general, I immediately recall the words of the coach Sergei Nikolaev, who said that while the team jokes and laughs, it is alive. In general, what has never happened to me. I remember once, when I was still playing for Severstal, I forgot my bag of things at the base. As a result, the team almost left for Novosibirsk without my ammunition. I remember that the bus had already started, and if Alexander Astashov had not shouted: “Stop! “, I would have had to go out on the ice in simple boots (smiles).

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