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Colby Covington: “I’ll Retire Woodley”

Top welterweight UFC Colby Covington (15-2) spoke about the upcoming fight with Tyrone Woodley (19-5-1).

“Why isn’t he ready to fight in August? He told his junk manager last week that he wanted to meet me. Our fight had to be organized. He gave a verbal agreement, I gave a verbal agreement. And then I signed the contract. And he disappeared somewhere. He talks constantly about how I avoid him. But the truth is that he is hiding from me.

There was one time when I could not fight him because I had a nose operation and the promotion wanted me to fight in a month. Now let’s remember the times when I intimidated him so much that he, for no particular reason, decided to operate on his shoulder. He didn’t want to fight with me then, but he was ready to face the suffocated lightweight Nate Diaz, who doesn’t know a damn thing. He has as many defeats as victories. When Tyrone cannot find an easy fight, he begins to come up with excuses, and that is what he is doing now.

For all the shit that he said he would have to answer. This moment will come. I’ll be ready in August, but if he wants to pull it off until September, then we’ll fight in September. He won’t get off easily. I know that he wants to try to save his brother “Street Judas” Masvidal, who is trying by all means to avoid a duel with me.

Come on, send your older brother Tyrone “Tykwila” * Woodley to me and I’ll retire him. I’ve been saying for several years now that I will be the one to retire Woodley. After he signs the contract, after he visits the octagon with me, he will retire forever, I promise you that.

He’s a liberal and I’m a Republican. He hates Trump, and I adore Trump, so I want to hold him accountable for what he said about all Republicans. I will represent the interests of the American Republicans and dismiss this liberal mattress, ”Covington said.

* says “Tyquil,” probably a reference to the drug Nyquil, which advertises to improve sleep by reducing cold and flu symptoms.

Source: mmajunkie.usatoday.com

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