Ilyas dragged a decisive fight for NAVI. Gave an ult at the last moment – How does it work? – Blogs


Saved Timber.

In the first match of the European division OGA Dota Pit NAVI beaten without any problems VP.P with a score of 2: 0. On the second map, NAVI seized the advantage from the start, but VP.P was able to level the game.

The decisive moment came when the Prodigy decided to capture the enemy outpost by the 50th minute. NAVI were ready for this, placed a review in advance and initiated it first – Young.G caught three enemy heroes and broke the positioning. As a result, VP.P had to focus Timber, who absorbed Laguna and Sander, but survived on 66 HP thanks to Orakl’s ultimate. Ilyas managed to save Pasha at the last moment:

Highlights for newcomers NAVI:

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