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His first tournament is in a week!

In e-sports, age has not been considered for a long time – the best teams in the world are full of guys 16-17 years old. But even against their background, there are special cases. For example, 14-year-old Russian Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov, who in winter joined the youth squad of NAVI – the main cybersport club in the CIS.

In Brazil, they went even further and signed a contract with a 13-year-old child. Joao “Snowzin” Vinicius was born in the suburbs of Sao Paulo and started playing CS: GO three years ago. “I got interested in Counter-Strike thanks to my uncle. Over time, I liked the game more and more. I started playing training maps with bots and watched a lot of recordings from professional players, ”he recalls.

Over time, Joao began streaming his matches on Twitch. Fame came in May 2020 when he was noticed by the famous Brazilian streamer Jean “mch” D’Oliveira. They started playing together – the guy who shoots so well at the age of 13 really liked the audience.

Check out some of his highlights. Here he is trying to kill all opponents with one bullet to the head – this is one of the most beautiful things in CS: GO. Although the Brazilian did not play cleanly (4 bullets for three opponents), it is still pleasant to watch.

Playing with pistols shows the versatility of any player. With that, Joao is also all right.

For two months, more than 40 thousand people subscribed to the guy’s personal channel, and he made friends not only with streamers, but also with professional players whom he admired yesterday.

In 2019, Vinicius attended a tournament where he took pictures with multiple world champions and Brazilian CS: GO stars Gabriel “FalleN” Tolledo, Fernando “fer” Alvarenga and Epitasio “TACO” de Melo. On Instagram, these photos are signed with only one word – “inspiration”.

A year later, Joao joined the BOOM team and did not forget to mention Taco in his first interview, calling him a player whom he has been looking up to for a long time. Another idol of the guy – Joao “felps” Vasconcellos – will perform with him in the same lineup.

“Despite his age, he has great potential and the ability to learn quickly. He’s as ambitious as all young players. I hope he will learn a lot from us, ”the BOOM coach says about the young talent.

Due to age restrictions, Joao will not be able to play at most major international tournamentsbut these rules do not apply to local competitions. The 13-year-old esportsman will play his first official matches on July 30 at the Gamers Club Masters V online tournament with a prize pool of $ 11,500. “I feel very happy and happy to move to BOOM, even if it’s just one championship. This is a dream come true and the result of dedication to the game, said Snowzin.

In the future, he will play the role of a typical substitute – train with the main squad, but play only in case of injury or illness of one of the players. The guy definitely has talent, it is not clear how much he will reveal himself in the BOOM lineup without official matches.

Age does not allow Joao to play in big tournaments, while he has to go to school in parallel with CS: GO. Fans like to call every promising teenager a new Simple, but one good shooting is not enough to win and even get into a serious squad – you need to learn to read the situation on the map, move correctly, communicate in a team and provide information to partners correctly. Let’s see how Joao handles.

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