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You can also become a zombie yourself.

There hasn’t been a zombie apocalypse in Skyrim yet, but there are no barriers for modders. Maud 28 Days and a Bit 5 adds an outbreak of a zombie virus (with a little lore explanation) to the sandbox with different scenarios – there is no specific line of quests, you can just watch Skyrim plunge into chaos.

There are five scenarios. The “hive”, in which a random city becomes infected with a virus, and Dovahkiin needs to prevent infection of other cities, looks something like the screenshot below.

And others: “Zero patient”, in which you also need to find and cure the first infected, but without hordes of zombies; “Dawn of the Dead”, where the dead come to life again in a monstrous form; “The last battle” – one clean city against the whole infected world; and “Security Behind the Wall”, where you will also have to fight back from behind the city walls.

By the way, the player can also become a zombie! The spell of infection is called “Touch of the King of Hearts” – in the universe of The Elder Scrolls this is the name of the powerful necromancer Mannimarco.

This is where the fun begins. It is unlikely that being a werewolf or a vampire is as much fun as a zombie.

And also, if you like to play a harmless monk, you can work for the good of society – heal the infected, lock the doors and put up barricades so that the zombies do not kill the civilian population. Let someone else save the world (spoiler alert: the balance was not delivered, so there is no one to save).

How do you like this madness in “Skyrim”? Share your impressions in the comments.

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