in the playoffs, we can surprise


The less time remains until the end of the regular season and, as a result, the closer the playoffs, the more confident the experienced first-line defender feels Sergey Gusev, who went through fire, water and copper pipes in his hockey life. The fight against Severstal was important for him in many ways. In this team, he played three seasons, becoming the silver medalist of the Russian championship.

Actually, at the end of the season, every game is principled, he said. – We need points to rise as high as possible in the standings. Moreover, the last time we lost to Severstal with a score of 1: 7. Therefore, today at all costs it was necessary to rehabilitate in the eyes of the fans. And we proved that we can play well.

– It turns out that the army team wins at home, but the “alien walls” complex is triggered away?

– Yes, we have no complex. It’s all about the discipline of the game. When she is on the site, then there is a result. Today we have completely fulfilled the coaching directive. It is not always possible to do this on the road.

– Two of the three goals were scored by the defenders against Severstal. Is this good or bad?

– The most important thing is for the team to win. But who scores is not important.

– What was the key moment in this match, in your opinion?

– When we stood in the minority, and then immediately realized the numerical inequality. In addition, our players were little removed.

In the first period, the northerners beat SKA. In any case, they did it. How can you explain this?

– They started very quickly. We played attacking hockey in the first period. Then we got a little hooked, and the game leveled off. We withstood and brought the matter to victory.

– The season is over. Don’t you consider him lost to yourself?

– In no case. The season continues. It remains to be seen what will happen in the playoffs.

– Do you think that SKA can surprise Salavat Yulaev or Magnitogorsk if they hit?

– Yes, at least to anyone. It doesn’t matter who we get into the playoffs. A completely different game will begin in it. Elimination matches will show the true strength of the teams.

– And yet, which of these rivals is preferable for you personally?

– No difference. We will fight everyone.

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