in three months from SKA you will not make “Vanguard “


SKA lost its next regular season match to Dynamo. This defeat was the second in a row for the army team with a total score of 3: 9 and threw the St. Petersburg team to 14th place.

Yuri Leonov was more than laconic in his commentary on the match. He did not even mention his own team, literally saying the following: “Congratulations ” Dynamo “on the victory! I wish you good luck in the next matches “. And, it seems, he was even glad that he was not asked about anything else. Then, however, he was asked another question about the goalkeepers, about their problems, which Leonov parried in this way: “So I should get up in the ” frame “myself? We play with those who are. And so that the goalkeepers make less mistakes, we it is necessary to retire less, not to allow one-on-one exits. ”

In general, SKA is a rather strange team. She can clearly play. Dynamo goalkeeper Vitaly Eremeev was recognized as the best player of the match for a reason. He reflected more than twice as many shots as Sergei Belov and Maxim Sokolov combined. But the army team cannot score, and that’s it. Plus, of course, there are obvious problems in the defensive line: no matter how much the attack scores, the defense can always miss more.

In short, all that Leonov said, SKA in the match with “Dynamo ” and ruined. The rival scored an early goal, scoring an excess, Sergei Gusev retired already in the 15th second of the first period. And then the “white-blue” increased the lead in the score: Gennady Stolyarov, having received a pass from the blue line, jumped out to the goal against the defenders and scored in the fall. But if it had not been for this goal, SKA would again be in the minority. The real chance to change something in the match was at the “army team ” only, perhaps, in the second period, when “Dynamo ” had a whole series of deletions, including forcing the Muscovites to play three to five. However, out of all the splendor of the moments, SKA managed to score only once, and even then it was rather curious. But when “Dynamo ” was in full force, the game immediately moved to half of the opponent’s field. SKA threw quite a lot. But these throws were not always prepared. And if we talk about the fact that the goalkeeper played brilliantly for Dynamo, then for SKA – the bar and the crossbar of the goal. But it seemed that from the end of January, things for the army team were finally beginning to improve. In any case, there were major victories, albeit over the outsiders of the Super League. But then there was a draw in Chelyabinsk, and two defeats in a row. And again, the same 13th place and the uncertainty of what is happening with the team.

Yuri Leonov, however, blames the lack of implementation.

– Who was the best player in the “Dynamo” team today? he asks. – Goalkeeper. Here’s the answer to why we can’t score.

– What do you think about the goalkeepers? Prusek is injured, and Sokolov and Belov, judging by the fact that you have been exchanging them for each other for the second time in a row, cannot cope.

– Yes, Prusek has an injury that he cannot heal. In the match with “Vityaz ” the puck hit Maxim in the mask. This is partly why he missed so much, after which it was decided to replace him. Proceeding from the fact that Sergei played well his part of that match, we decided to stage it today from the very beginning. But a quick goal broke him. Therefore, Maxim was released, and he played well.

– It turns out that you do not have the first number among the goalkeepers?

– We will decide on the first number. In general, I will say that I am satisfied with my goalie line.

– And protection?

– Problems with defense exist everywhere. And not only here – in any other team.

– But to concede from “Vityaz ” as many as six goals?

– And what “Knight “, in your opinion, is bad? There are no weak rivals in the Super League now. All are approximately equal, with the possible exception of four or five teams located at the very top of the table. But they got together and played for several seasons – the same Omsk, the same Kazan. SKA was formed only this year. I joined the team only in November. For three months from SKA, alas, you will not make “Vanguard ” or “Ak Bars “.

– In other words, is the current season lost for SKA? The tournament position cannot be improved much. Is it possible to try to do something in the playoffs?

– Why don’t we improve it? Do you think so? And I will tell you that we will fight for every point. This season is not lost either for me or for SKA.

– What does it take for your words to be confirmed?

– We need victories. I believe in them, I believe in my team. And everyone has failures.

By the way, SKA striker Andrey Nikolishin, who became the last acquisition of the St. Petersburg club this season, is of the same opinion.

– Thirteenth is not the place that a team like SKA should occupy, – he says calmly.

– Do you hope that you will be able to “shoot ” in the playoffs?

– We only want this to happen. We do not adapt to anyone.

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