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Other versions of the packaging cost about a thousand rubles.

A rare Super Mario Bros. cartridge was sold at Heritage Auctions on July 11. for the NES – a popular console in the late 80s and early 90s. It has never been sold in post-Soviet countries, but our clone is better known here – Dendy.

The price of the cartridge is 114 thousand dollars, about 8 million rubles, this is a record purchase in the history of video games. The previous record was set by the same game in a similar state – it was bought for about $ 100 thousand.

Why this particular copy of Super Mario Bros. worth as odnushka in Moscow? The copy is in almost perfect condition – it was rated 9.4 out of 10 because it was sealed in its original packaging. It is also a special version for US sales, where NES games were released with black covers for a while. Now all games with such packaging are kept by collectors.

Cartridge assessments are issued by companies like WataGames – they conduct an examination and seal the game artifact in a special protective case (like collectible coins, stamps and other little things that are easy to scratch).

(Shabby packaging is less valuable – for example, 15 euros or about a thousand rubles are asked for this copy).

The auction explained why this Super Mario Bros. so rare: when Nintendo entered the American market, it took a long time to decide on the final packaging. At some point, the company began to abandon cardboard packaging and switch to plastic. It was during this time that this version of Super Mario Bros. – in cardboard and plastic at the same time. It was released for only a few months.

Cardboard in any early Nintendo game has a vintage look that nostalgic collectors love.

Super Mario Bros. – second game with Mario. She set a sales record for the NES (about 40 million copies), and for the first time appeared the villain Bowser – the same turtle with an armored shell.

Are there other wildly expensive cartridges?

Except for two copies of Super Mario Bros., which crossed over a hundred thousand dollars, the top 10 looks like this:

10. Football simulator Super copareleased in the mid-1990s for the SNES (the legacy console of the NES). The release was only in South America through the distributor Playtronic, but there is also a second version of the game without the Playtronic logo. Finding her is very difficult. Collectors ask for a sealed copy in perfect condition for about $ 6,900 (about 490 thousand rubles).

9. Platformer Red sea crossing – a really rare thing. We play as Moses crossing the Red Sea. Red Sea Crossing was not created for the general public, but for sale in the niche market of Christian families. Game creator Steve Stack only had a few hundred cartridges and personally mailed them. When the news reached collectors, the owners of Medium Bob’s Curiosity Shop in Philadelphia, Travis Kerestesi and Roy Lebkowitz, found this rare $ 50 game in their window. They posted it on eBay and received € 12,971 (1 million rubles).

8. Tetris (Sega Genesis / Megadrive) – an unexpected guest of this list. It’s not about the unique gameplay, but about legal issues – Nintendo owned exclusive rights to Tetris, so it was never released on Genesis. But there are 10 unlicensed copies for Genesis, and one of them was signed by the creator of Tetris, Alexei Pajitnov. On eBay her sell for a million dollars, collectors estimate it at € 15 thousand (about 1.2 million rubles).

7. Platformer Atlantis ii not as famous as Pac-Man or Donkey Kong released in those years, but it was also popular. Developer Dennis Coble even arranged a tournament for this game – Destination Atlantis, in which he offered to send photos of the TVs with the highest record. The best players got a unique complicated edition of the game, for which collectors offer € 16 678 (about 1.3 million rubles).

6. Cartridges Nintendo Campus Challenge with three games – Super Mario 3, Dr. Mario and PinBot – released specifically for the Nintendo tournament. It was originally planned to destroy the cartridges after the competition, but in 2006 a former Nintendo employee found a working copy in a garage. It was resold several times, and the last price was $ 20,100 (about 1.5 million rubles).

five. Nintendo World Championship released in gold and gray for a special tournament. The competition was serious: you need to knock out the most points in Super Mario Bros., Rad Tracer and Tetris in 6 minutes. Each participant in three age groups was given a gray cartridge – a total of 90 were made. There are 26 gold medals, sent to the winners of the advertising competition in Nintendo Power magazine. These are very difficult to find, the most expensive copy on eBay went for $ 26,677 (about 1.8 million rubles).

4. Shoot ’em up Air raid does not stand out for a special plot, only for the design of the cartridge – it had a T-shaped handle. There are only 12 copies left in the world, two of them were sold for € 13,901 (1.1 million rubles) and € 30,950 (2.5 million rubles).

3. Birthday mania designed as a perfect birthday present. The whole game consisted of blowing out candles and balloons, the cartridge had to be ordered in advance, each copy had a personalized screen with the recipient’s name.

The concept did not live up to expectations, few cartridges were printed, today there are only two copies of the game left. One of them is owned by the famous Atari collector Jerry Greiner. Its cost is € 32,435 (about 2.6 million rubles).

2. Cartridge with fitness game Stadium Events became popular after Nintendo bought the rights to the game (and a special rug) and turned it into World Class Track Meet. The rest of the cartridges were destroyed by Stadium Events – they managed to sell only 200 copies, of which 20 copies have survived to this day. One sealed copy directly from the factory was auctioned for € 38,661 (about 3.1 million rubles)

1. Shooter Gamma attack for the Atari 2600 was released in such a small circulation that the game was even considered fictional! The only copy belongs to the collector Anthony DeNardo, it is estimated at $ 20- $ 50 thousand. DeNardo put it up for auction for € 46,337 (about 3.7 million rubles). Selling an apartment to compete for?

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