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Alexander Emelianenko: “Ismailov is doomed to defeat!”

This is how the Russian heavyweight Alexander Emelianenko (28-7-1) headlined a message to fans on Instagram concerning fight with Magomed Ismailov (15-2-1).

“I want to bring your attention to. Many listen but do not hear. Why will Magomed Ismailov lose to me?

Firstly, because he openly declares that he is not going to fight and win, but to do a show, to show a beautiful fight – he will not enter the ring for victory.

Plus, he says openly that this is not his weight category, that he wants to try his luck, it will work out or not. Therefore, it burns, it is doomed to defeat in advance.

Well, he is so tall (shows at chest level, laughs), small and with a large head. If you hit, you won’t miss, ”Emelianenko said.

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