Karlie Kloss officially renounces Victoria Secret Angel title due to feminism



And this is the first time in history when a model breaks the contract with Victoria`Secret. For several decades, becoming an “angel” was the limit of desires for models around the world. Participation in the annual show was already considered prestigious, and getting wings and the title of “angel” and generally opened the door for the model to high-paying contracts and filming.

And so it was until recently, despite the fact that the Victoria’s Secret brand was regularly attacked by feminists, body positivists and God knows who else.

Moreover, Karlie Kloss owes much of her successful career to Victoria’s Secret: the model began cooperation with the brand at the age of 16 and became an “angel” after four years in the crowd.

Well, we will miss Carly among the “angels”, but we respect her decision. In addition, no one can forbid us to admire her beauty!


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