Kendall Jenner Nude Photos Leaked To The Network


The younger sister of the legendary Kim Kardashian and just supermodel Kendall Jenner is not prone to hypocrisy, for which we thank her very much. Indeed, Kendall regularly takes part in erotic photo shoots (for example, in this photo session from a Ukrainian photographer) and appears in public without a bra (by the way, this habit led to the emergence of a new popular service in the plastic surgery industry “Kendall Jenner’s nipples”).

And now new photos with naked Kendall Jenner have leaked to the Network. And these photos are beautiful. We know, we say this about all the photos with naked Kendall Jenner, but in this case we are doubly right. After all, the photographer is an objective virtuoso of his craft Russell James. He took dozens of photographs of Kendall on a scenic empty beach (and a couple in a beautiful empty pool) for his upcoming Angels photo album.

The album, which will collect nude photo shoots of the most beautiful girls in the world, has not yet appeared on sale, and it is not yet clear how the photos got on the Web ahead of time. One thing is clear: one wants to not only watch them, but also revise them. And at least three times.

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