Khimki will play in the RPL in the 2020/2021 season, Krylia Sovetov flew to the FNL



Khimki will play in the RPL in the 2020/2021 season

Bogdan Gorbunov

The irony of summer in the RPL: ​​Talalaev left Khimki for Krylia to return to the FNL

The Moscow Region club will still play in the Premier League.


Surprisingly, Khimki will still play in RPL next season! This was announced on July 22 by the Minister of Sports of the Moscow Region. Roman Teryushkov

“The decision has just been made – we are going to the Premier League, we deserve it! The Governor supports our decision, we will fight and represent the Moscow Region with dignity. We have an agreement with new sponsors, but we have not signed contracts yet, we will announce it soon. Required documents in the RFU and RPL are being prepared and will soon be handed over “, – said Teryushkov in an interview with the correspondent of” Championship “Pavel Levkovich.

Khimki don’t want to join the RPL, but they need a cup! FNL club dealt with Ural in one half

Juran’s team is already awaiting their rival in the final.

How Khimki got the right to play in RPL?

The epidemic caught FNL on the 27th round. By that time, Rotor was in the lead in the league, while Khimki were in second place. The Moscow Region team and the third Chertanovo had an equal number of points, but Khimki were ahead of their rivals due to the greater number of victories.

FNL decided not to finish the game, so the tickets to RPL automatically received the first two commands, and “joints” were canceled altogether. Chertanovo, Torpedo (4th place) and Neftekhimik (5th place) were justly dissatisfied with this decision of the league leadership. But no one listened to the opinion of the clubs – Rotor and Khimki got the right to play in the Premier League.

Why did Khimki refuse from RPL?

A month after the news, joyful for Khimki fans, about joining the RPL, the Minister of Sports of the Moscow Region Roman Teryushkov announced that the club would continue to play FNLif he does not find sponsors, the funding was going to be cut.

By that time, Khimki had been denied as many as two investors – the owner of Fix Price Sergei Lomakin, who was ready to fully finance Khimki in the RPL, but in return demanded a name change to Rodina and full control over the club’s functioning. And also a well-known bookmaker, which offered Khimki sponsorship in the amount of 150 million rubles (slightly less than half of the team’s last year budget).

Then the situation became even more confusing. In early June, Teryushkov said that the Moscow region had still managed to come to an agreement with Lomakin: the club was supposed to become a commercial club, go into his hands and stay in FNL… However, at the end of the month it became clear that there would be no deal. During the negotiations, legal and financial disputes arose over the current contracts of players and team personnel.

Khimki, are you giving up the RPL? Then disappear and get out!

A shameful decision.

Later, Khimki negotiated financial assistance with Promsvyazbank and even with Spartak, but it seems that they also did not lead to anything.

Despite the fact that the head coach of the team Sergey Juran assured that Khimki will play in the RPL “, according to the” Championship “, the leaders of the club were against entering the Premier League until the end.

Probably, by the end of July the disposition had changed.

Most of all, Andrei Talalaev was unlucky. He left Khimki to return to the FNL

The main victim of this situation is Andrey Talalaev… He headed Khimki in the spring of 2019 and in a short time made a real contender out of the middle peasant of the FNL to enter the Premier League. After 25 rounds, his team took third place in the standings.

Nevertheless, in January, Khimki’s management announced a change in the vector of development. The club, allegedly, was going to bet on young people and said goodbye to the dream of entering the RPL. Therefore, Talalaev decided to leave Khimki.

In June 2020, the coach became the head of Wings of the Soviets. In the first three matches under his leadership, Samara drew twice and won, but due to the defeat of Dynamo, as well as the “techie” Sochi in the game with Tambov, they could not escape.

5 “downed pilots” who took off at Khimki

Big clubs have written them off, and they have one foot in the RPL and two in the Cup final.

Now Talalaev will work in the FNL again, while his previous club will play in the Premier League.

Interestingly, until recently, even from the 15th place of the RPL “Wings” could not fly out. The league leadership was seriously considering the option of expanding the championship to 18 teams – in that case, no one would have been eliminated, and Khimki and Rotor would have entered the RPL. However, in the end, they decided to abandon such a development of events.


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