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Blogger Evgeny Savin or simply Krasava shot a huge issue about Artyom Milevsky – with him he drove around Brest, and also dropped into the club base. There, KraSava was clearly hooked by the coach of the team, Nick Nikolayen, – he asked if Mil had approached her, and, having received a negative answer, said: “Topic, what’s going on, brother, are you losing ground?” Artyom justified himself by the fact that “it’s not allowed at work” (mark 10:32).

The girl seemed embarrassed by Savin’s words. And to all his attempts to continue the topic, the girl replied: “Nobody [в команде] did not bother. We are working “

Nikolaenya is the only girl in the coaching staff of the Dynamo base. On the club website it means that Nika studied in the USA, Spain and Russia, became a specialist in the rehabilitation of athletes after injuries and worked individually from 2014 until she joined the Brest team in 2018.

Judging by Nikolayeni’s social networks, it’s useless to approach her – she has been in a relationship for a long time. Moreover, with a Belarusian football player Sergei Rusak, who spent last season in the Voronezh Fakel from the FNL.

Let’s take a closer look at the cutest coach in Brest – you can understand Krasava’s interest.

Photo: Brest Dynamo, Nika Nikolaenya

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