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Instead of Ellie – a little son.

Rosgvardia shot a video inspired by The last of us… The title theme from the game was performed by the Russian Guard Orchestra in conjunction with the Splash drum show, and the video itself shows the post-apocalyptic world 30 years later. The main characters are a father and a young son with a bow on their backs – a clear reference to Joel and Ellie.

According to the plot of the video, the father recalls the past before the catastrophe – the description for the video says that civilization has fallen into decay due to a viral infection.

The father recalls how 30 years ago special forces saved him, a small child, from a criminal: “Before all this happened, there were people who were ready to risk their lives for the sake of others. Now it looks like a fairy tale, but I would give anything to believe in it again. ” A Rosguard soldier handed him a chevron with a smiley face, which has a mocking smile and sullen eyes.

Why is he here? Yet Joel gave Ellie a guitar, not a patch. It is unlikely that soldiers are given such at the service, so we will assume that he shared something personal with the child.

And then, in the best traditions of cinema, the father gives his son that very patch.

Note that the series The last of us begins with Joel’s personal tragedy – the soldiers shot and killed his daughter Sarah, despite the pleas of his father and his brother Tommy not to do so.

The first part became one of the most popular PlayStation games, by 2018 it was bought by about 17 million people. The Last of Us Part II was released on June 19, 2020, and was purchased by over 4 million people in its first week.

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