Krykhovyak in Kamchatka, Ayrton and Ponce in Adler. Where RPL players spend a short vacation – Maximum photos – Blogs



Grzegorz called the Valley of Geysers a Russian treasure.

Due to the record-breaking short break between the two seasons (by the way, there is no such thing anywhere in Europe), the players were given only a few days of rest. And, of course, they were advised not to fly abroad in order to avoid accidentally getting into quarantine or upon returning (although not so long ago it was canceled, but only for those who have a fresh certificate), or in another country.

Grzegorz Krychowiak, as always, pleasantly surprised by the choice of location – he and his wife Celia flew to Kamchatka.

The girl praised the Kamchatka landscapes, and Krykhovyak admired the Valley of Geysers: “A treasure of Russia, a place that everyone should see.”

The bears aroused the Pole’s stormy delight. “Behind is the reason for my journey here. A family of bears, ”he wrote.

Well, the results of the Krykhovyakov mini-trip are very pleasant. “I knew that Kamchatka was special, but I didn’t expect it to be so beautiful,” the Loko player wrote on Instagram. “I don’t go back to the same place twice, but I will come back here someday.”

Spartacus Ayrton and Ponce rushed south – they stopped at one of Adler’s hotels.

Others, for example, Anton Zabolotny, have a rest on the Black Sea.

Many Sochi players chose not to leave – for example, Alexander Karapetyan. But Alexander Kokorin is training with Soslan Dzhanaev.

Krasnodar party-goers Wanderson and Kayo are also here – with their Brazilian homies, with whom they were recently caught with alcohol and a hookah. But Remi Cabella sped off to Corsica.

Perhaps this is the most popular summer destination. For example, Vlad Ignatiev and Dmitry Barinov are fishing in Sochi.

And here is another Ignatiev – Ivan.

Dennis Khadzhikadunich from Rostov conquers the vastness of Gelendzhik.

In general, Loko loves fishing – Rifat Zhemaletdinov did not leave the Moscow region and is doing well in another sport.

Gus Teal is not fishing, but he also did not go far from the capital (I wonder if he is not hot at all?).

Sylvester Igbone, it seems, also decided not to leave Russia.



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