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Season in Parimatch-Extralige has long died down – the final battles ended in early April. Most hockey players went on vacation much earlier. For example, for Grodno “Neman” season ended March 24th – 7-match streak against Shakhtar ended in defeat.

This ending of the season is, of course, sad for the club. But the Finnish defender of Grodno Yoonasa Hurri, perhaps, there was a reason to rejoice at the finish of the championship: after all, in the offseason, he can spend much more time with his bride – Alina Voronkova

Alina, despite her completely Slavic name and surname, is a compatriot of Hurri. The girl’s parents moved from Russia to the Finnish city of Lahti in the early “nineties”, and in 1994 they had a daughter. As a result, the girl studied at a Finnish school, and then graduated from the University of Helsinki. In general, a real Scandinavian – and her appearance can be called typically Finnish.

Joonas Hurri himself was also born in Lahti, but a little earlier – in 1991. So we can safely assume that in this city he and Alina met, and the relationship has been for many years.

But if we cannot assert for sure, then we can absolutely say that these guys look great together. And the two of them are clearly good – flip through the carousel and you will not doubt it. Having fun is also important in a relationship. How to play FIFA on a console 🙂

So it’s not surprising that this relationship has moved to a new level, no – on August 16 in Helsinki, Joonas proposed to Alina. The girl did not refuse.

Interestingly enough, almost immediately after that, the hockey player made another important decision – on August 21, he signed with Neman. A fateful month for Hurri!

So, probably, the decision to move to Belarus was made by the Finn for family reasons as well. The previous Hurri club was the Japanese “Nikko” – and from the Land of the Rising Sun to Finland you can’t get too much of a bride. Belarus is different!

However, catching Alina in one place is also not so easy. She is a postgraduate student at the University of Helsinki and works in the Finnish division of the VIASAT TV channel. Moreover, in this she was probably helped by the experience of her future spouse – after all, the girl works as a hockey reporter and specializes in the KHL.

Voronkova managed to see the game of her future husband for “Neman”. And they also attended the home match of Grodno residents …

… and “struck the exit” – to Krakow for the Continental Cup match.

Also, in the life of this girl, in addition to her studies and work, there was another global event – in 2018 she participated in the Miss Finland contest. The number of Alina’s competitors was off the charts – in total, about a thousand applications were submitted.

The competition itself consisted of many stages – and only ten girls made it to the final, among whom was the bride of Hurri. And just look at this top ten – the top level of beauty!

In general, a desperate struggle was waged for the title – but Voronkova was still able to defeat everyone on the spot and win the crown of the main Finnish beauty. And who, looking at her pictures, can say that it was undeserved? 🙂

By the way, the victory of the girl with Russian roots in the Finnish beauty contest did not pass by the Russian media. After the triumph, she was invited to visit the Comedy Club – the famous humorous show on the TNT channel. The presenters Pavel Volya and Garik Kharlamov, naturally, did not pass by the girl and talked to her very cheerfully.

Haylata video – a Finnish anecdote from Alina (very strange), a beauty contest in the Land of Suomi in the first person and what a really “hot Finnish guy” Joonas Hurri is. We advise you to look 🙂

Victory at the national level allowed Alina to take part in the main beauty contest on the planet – “Miss Universe”. Among the best of the best, it was not possible to win the crown, but this is the case when the main thing is not victory, but participation.

We think that now no one has any doubts that the beloved of Joonas Hurri is very cool. So let’s just admire her 🙂

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