Lokomotiv – CSKA – 2: 1, RPL match review, July 16, 2020


Lokomotiv - CSKA - 2: 1, RPL match review, July 16

Anatoly Romanov

Lokomotiv will not miss the Champions League! Two penalties decided the outcome of the CSKA derby

CSKA is not to blame for the defeat of the VAR system. Everything was decided by the mistakes of Diveev and Nababkin.


Lokomotiv and CSKA played for the Champions League. True, the “army men”, who were four points behind the “railroad workers” and two points behind “Krasnodar” before the derby, were rather a contender for the third place and a ticket to the Champions League qualification. But at Marko Nikolic and his team at the finish of the season, one goal is not to miss the second position, which ensures getting into the group stage.

Derby did not disappoint. It turned out to be quite good in quality, at least until the moment when the players of both teams were frankly tired. This could not have been avoided, because now RPL teams play twice a week. Things were going to a draw, which would have pleased Krasnodar, but a careless wave of the CSKA defender’s hand gave Lokomotiv a victory. Now the “railroad” will not be left without the Champions League.

The main events of the match Lokomotiv – CSKA

– Guilherme, Dmitry Barinov and Maciej Rybus returned to the base of Lokomotiv. Guilherme and Barinov missed three matches due to injuries, and the Pole was serving a suspension. Jefferson Farfan, who saved the “railroad workers” from defeat in the last round, is apparently not yet ready for an hour and a half games, so he started the derby on the bench.

– The starting line-up of CSKA also changed compared to the previous round: defenders Igor Diveev and Kirill Nababkin… Arnor Sigurdsson (busting yellow cards) was replaced in the attack group by Alan Dzagoev, who had not played since the first minutes since mid-March. But Georgy Shchennikov, despite the injury received in the previous meeting, was able to enter the field.

“Only CSKA deserved second place. It’s a pity that they didn’t beat Rubin. Tour predictions

The fight for second place continues. We are trying to guess the result of the Lokomotiv – CSKA derby and other matches of the round.

– The key episode of the first half was a penalty kick against CSKA at the end of half an hour of the game. Lokomotiv’s only forward, Eder, was very helpful, constantly keeping the opponent’s three central defenders in suspense and, as a result, earned a penalty kick. The more experienced Portuguese outsmarted the young Russian defender Diveev. There was a foul, and the VAR system confirmed it. Alexey Miranchuk he also did not violate the rules, performing a kick from the “spot” on the pause, although the “army team” protested – Igor Akinfeev even got a yellow card on his emotions.

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Arbiter Fedotov: there was a 11-meter kick against CSKA, the defender played in the leg

– Before the conceded goal, CSKA played “number two”. Even after the defeat from Zenit (0: 4) and the departure of Viktor Goncharenko to Belarus, the army team rearranged tactically, began to defend more deeply. So in the derby, the red-blue ones were more likely to wait for an opponent’s mistake, so that later they could catch him on a counter-blow. We didn’t put too much pressure, in the center of the field they sorted out the players of the middle line of Lokomotiv three to three, and Fedor Chalov and Dzagoev blocked the transmission lines in the semi-flanks. The railroad workers had the ball and the game advantage, but CSKA created equally dangerous chances. For example, Diveev could become a hero, not an anti-hero – he shot a great free-kick. He was just unlucky, the ball hit the post.

– The first half in shots was almost equal – 7-8 (on target – 1-0). I also remember two moments that Chalov had. The CSKA striker, who interrupted the dry streak with goals in three rounds in a row, almost scored after the mistakes of Guilherme and Murilo. However, in the first case, the goalkeeper who hastened to jump out of the goal was insured by Murilo, and in the second case Chalov himself blundered – he shot wide of the mark. I wonder if Fedor knew before the match that the club had already agreed with Adolfo Gaich?

The terms of the contract between Adolfo Gaich and CSKA have become known

– In the second half Lokomotiv came out without Eder, who was replaced due to injury. The railroad workers lost a player who put pressure on CSKA’s defense ahead, moreover, and they themselves somehow quite openly abandoned the fight for the initiative in order to preserve the victory. The game has completely changed, its intensity has dropped. CSKA managed to turn the opponents to the goal. Goncharenko begged for action in the attack, exchanging the tired Dzagoev for the powerful Ilya Shkurin.

– The CSKA goal is a natural consequence of what happened on the field in the second half. Nikola Vlašić became the motor of the red and blue. Even before his goal scored, he made a terrific pass and almost equalized the score. In the episode at the 71st minute, the Croat himself dispersed the attack after an out-of-bounds and ended it with two touches. On analysis, Nikolic will have complaints against Murilo and the others. Although the Serbian coach had already realized by that time that Zhemaletdinov was not the best candidate for the role of a forward in such a game, and released Farfan.

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– In the second half, Nikolic’s team lost on shots – 6: 8 (on target – 2: 2). Nevertheless, she won. Everything was decided in the 90th minute, when the ball hit Nababkin’s hand after being hit by Vedran Chorluki. Why did the CSKA defender raise his hand in this episode? Apparently, against the background of fatigue, the head had already simply passed out, and Nababkin went into the fight on the machine. The VAR system again helped the referee Evgeniy Turbin to commit a foul. Miranchuk scored from the spot for the second time.

The rights to the video belong to the National Sports TV Channel LLC. You can watch the video in “Twitter “Match Premier”

Alexei really forgot his penalty from the penalty spot at the end of the meeting with Sochi and proved that he is quite psychologically stable.

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