Manchester United 1-3 Chelsea, FA Cup semi-final match review, 19 July 2020


De Gea's two mistakes knocked Manchester United out of the FA Cup

Pavel Prokhorov

De Gea’s two mistakes knocked Man United out of the FA Cup. Chelsea will play Arsenal

Goal in the 11th compensated minute of the first half and Bayi’s severe injury.


Manchester United last faced Chelsea in the FA Cup last season. Then the teams crossed at the 1/8 finals, where the “red devils” were stronger and went further (2: 0). The last matches against Manchester United are very difficult for blue – one draw and four defeats with a total score (2:11), and the previous victory over the principal rival was won in May 2018 in the FA Cup final (1: 0).

This time the clubs met in the semifinals, where they decided who should play in the final match with Arsenal.

Solskjaer made five line-up changes, Lampard made three

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer made as many as five permutations compared to the last game. Fosu Mensa, McTominay, Pogba, Greenwood and Martial were replaced by Bayi, Williams, Fred, Matic and James. For five straight games in a row, United have faced the Rashford-Martial-Greenwood trio, which has created 11 goals out of 15 possible. This time, Solskjaer decided to radically change everything.

The Londoners had only three lineup changes, but all significant. Cabayero occupied the gate, and Mount and Rhys James also appeared.

The main character of Manchester United right now. Greenwood scored a double and was the best on the pitch

Solskjaer even tweaks Manchester United’s play to him.

First time

Many questions arose before the match: how the Solskjaer team will start the match, who will play the first number. Chelsea took control of the ball and after 15 minutes achieved a 59-41% dominance. The first blow was struck only in the 10th minute. Rhys James struck powerfully on goal, but de Gea saw everything and averted the threat without any problems. Command Lampard continued to control the ball, trying to create dangerous chances through the flanks, but no threat blue at the gate de Gea did not create.

Manchester United pushed the game away from their goal. Chelsea began to meet their opponents high, but the Red Devils still managed to get out of the pressure. Within six minutes Fred and Fernandes earned two dangerous free throws for Manchester United, but realize them Rashford failed.

There was little football in the second half of the first half. First, on the “second floor” Bailly and Zuma, and they were helped for three minutes. And then the same Bailly bumped his head against Maguiar… The Manchester United defender was helped for a long time, and as a result he left the field on a stretcher. Instead he entered the field Martialwho immediately received a blow to the leg. But nothing happened.

At the 11th compensated minute Willian on the right flank created a moment with Aspilicu with this… Defender shot at Fatwho sent the ball into the goal. David de Gea could save his team, but did not manage to group in time.

Manchester United are again a team to watch. What did Solskjaer do with them?

Set a new Premier League record.

Second half

United did not have time to return from the locker room when they got the second ball. Mount from a long distance shot into the near corner of David de Gea, but the Spaniard again made a mistake and did not help his club.

After a missed goal, Solskjaer decided to refresh the squad. Instead of Fred and James, Pogba and Greenwood… These replacements made it possible for Manchester United to build the same attacking three with Fernandes under the striker. Manchester tried to create something in Chelsea’s half of the pitch, but could not surprise the Blues’ defense with anything other than Rashford and Maguiar. Greenwood was also damaged in the fight, but the footballer was able to get up and continue the game.

In the 74th minute of the match, the “pensioners” went on the attack and brought the score to a large one. In the first phase of the attack, the goalkeeper rescued the “Mankunians”, and in the second, Maguiar sent the ball into his own goal after a cross. Solskjaer immediately released Fosu Mensa and Igalo, thus breaking the top three of the attack.

Ten minutes later, Chelsea’s defense still gave way – Manchester earned a penalty. Fernandes confidently approached the point and implemented it. In the remaining minutes of the meeting, “Manchester” was eager to score more, but could not. It is unclear why from the first minutes Solskjaer left some of the best players in reserve. Perhaps United simply didn’t need the FA Cup.

Manchester United are the shadow favorite in the battle for 3rd place in the Premier League. Pogba and Fernandes powerfully strengthen the team

Up to third place – only three points.

Manchester United are left without a final and are directing all their forces to the championship, where the Red Devils have a good opportunity to take the league-championship place, and if Chelsea fails, compete for bronze.

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