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Sean O’Malley: “Marlon Vera is the most serious opponent in my career”

UFC Bantamweight Fighter Sean O’Malley (12-0) shared his plan for his next fight – against Marlon Vera (15-6-1).

“Vera is a decent drummer, a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu. Definitely, this is my most serious opponent to date, and this is what I wanted to face.

I think this fight will be indicative. You know, it’s hard to demonstrate your skills if you knock out opponents in two minutes. People think it’s a lucky punch or something, but I think Chito can last longer, so I’ll show more skills and people will understand that I am a threat.

There is no doubt that I will win by knockout in the first round. Even when I played for amateurs, I had a lot of knockouts in the first rounds. Marlon never sparred with fighters like me and never fought.

Many people say that, but most fighters are simple, and so is Vera. He has a punch and good jiu-jitsu, I have a great punch and very good jiu-jitsu.

I’ll probably knock him out in the first round, but as I said, Chito is a tough guy, so I plan to be in the cage for 15 minutes. I can imagine a knockout in the second or third round, put out the lights for him. In part, it’s up to him how quickly he wants to get knocked out, ”said O’Malley.

Source: mmajunkie.usatoday.com

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