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Perhaps he will play in the Champions League.

The French Cup final is often overlooked, but this year the match has burst into the news. Reason – Saint-Etienne captain Loic Perrin tackled hard knocked out of the game PSG star Kilian Mbappé.

Everyone was frightened by how Mbappé’s foot twisted, but the young Frenchman was able to leave the field on his own, albeit with a severe limp. This allowed us to hope for the best. He returned to the bench after 20 minutes, but already on crutches and with a fixed foot. Oddly enough, such measures are still talking about nothing. Why?

Crutches are not a sign of severe injury, but part of a standard protocol

The name of the protocol is an abbreviation, where each letter (except OL) denotes one of 5 basic actions for trauma. Let’s discuss each briefly.

Protection – protection. In the first hours after the injury, we try to unload the limb as much as possible. This is necessary to protect it from further damage – not to tear a torn muscle or ligament, not to damage soft tissue with bone fragments, and so on. Crutches and foot fixation are the protection of the joint.

Optimal Loading – optimal load. Once we have assessed the severity of the injury, we can proceed to the first exercises (unless surgery is required). This usually happens on the second or third day after the injury.

Why so early? The fact is that muscles are a very energy-consuming thing, and when we lie in a hospital bed for a long time, and even walk on crutches, the body “optimizes costs”, considering these muscles unnecessary. Therefore, the sooner we start exercising, the faster we will return to the original strength indicators and we can avoid complications. Of course, the load must be adequate and build up gradually.

The other three stages (ice, compression and lifting) are aimed at eliminating pain and swelling. A pressure bandage and raising the limb above the level of the heart help to increase the outflow of excess fluid, and ice is generally a universal remedy for any sports doctor, because cold is the best way to reduce swelling and soreness, and this is the main goal in the first days after the injury.

So what is Kilian’s injury and when will he be back?

The ankle joint takes a huge load – the weight of the whole body. Therefore, it is reinforced with a lot of strong bonds. The figure highlighted those that are more often damaged by the mechanism of injury, similar to the case of Mbappe.

We can say that the Frenchman is lucky: stretching is the softest option of all. In the event of a ligament rupture, the return time increases to 1-3 months, and if in such a situation the bone also breaks (as, for example, in Gomes case), then 3 months becomes a very optimistic figure.

Therefore, first of all, the doctors looked to see if there was a fracture. This can be clearly seen in the photograph even several hours after the injury. It is more difficult with ligaments and muscles – on the first day, swelling interferes with their condition. Therefore, “PSG” is only announcing a preliminary diagnosis (severe stretching), and we will find out the final one after a second examination, when the edema subsides. But if the first version is confirmed, Mbappe will miss two or three weeks. maximum (there are just two before the game with Atalanta).

French experts are optimistic: Mbappe is still young and has never been out for a long time

Le Parisien citing medical experts suggeststhat the PSG striker could return in 10 days. They also note that Mbappe always recovered quickly and did not miss more than 6 games, even after serious injuries.

The French media draws attention to the detail: Kilian returned to the sidelines smiling, and during the award ceremony he did not look too upset, although he was to spend the evening in the hospital, and not at dinner at the posh Royal Monceau hotel. Another sign that even then Mbappe understood that the worst was avoided, the injury was not so serious.

Indeed, all the factors are on the side of Kilian: age (he is 21, at this age the ligaments are already strong enough, but they still retain elasticity and are well supplied with blood), he did not have serious injuries of the lower leg and hardly have chronic diseases, but he definitely has a budget for the best medical care.

But if it turns out that Mbappe nevertheless damaged the ligaments, then, despite his youth and an iron body, the Champions League will pass without Kilian.

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Photo: REUTERS/ Christian Hartmann


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