“Metallurg ” NK – “Salavat Yulaev “: strong-willed victory of the guests


“Salavat Yulaev ” in Novokuznetsk won a strong-willed victory in a match against the local “Metallurg “. Losing 0: 2 during the match, the Ufa team not only managed to recoup, but also to score the winning goal in overtime.

The team from Ufa before this match was located on the 4th line in the standings, having quite real chances to take the 3rd place before the playoffs. As for Metallurg, he feels quite comfortable in the same playoff zone, dividing 15-16th places with Vityaz.

Not showing a stable game during the whole season, hockey players from Novokuznetsk play quite successfully in their native walls. In particular, in the last home game “Neftekhimik ” was defeated, but on the road, “metallurgists ” lost to CSKA with a score of 1: 3. “XU “, unlike their opponents in the match, very confidently defeated their two previous opponents with the same score 4: 0.

The two previous meetings between the ice hosts and the guests from Ufa ended in a draw and, moreover, with the same score – 2: 2. By the way, this game in the main time also ended in a peaceful outcome and also 2: 2. But first things first.

Turning directly to the game itself, it is worth saying a few words about the lineups. The head coach of “Salavat Yulaev ” Sergei Mikhalev made only one reshuffle in the lineup compared to the last game – there was a defender Kukhtinov instead of Doronin. But “Magnitogorsk ” submitted an incomplete application for the previous game. In this game, the names of defender Shvalyov and striker Anatoly Vasiliev appeared in it.

Already at the very beginning of the meeting, the hosts got a numerical advantage. Five of them against three Ufa players, the hosts opened the gate defended by Mezin just 14 seconds before the restoration of equality in the squads. On the second try, Polishchuk threw the puck under the keeper’s shield. Mezin, already lying on the ice, raised his legs up, expecting a blow from overhead, but the defender of “Metallurg” outwitted him and sent the puck down – 1: 0.

After a missed puck, fate gave the guests a similar chance – an advantage in terms of players on the field is also five against three hockey players of “Magnitka”. But this chance was not realized, moreover, they themselves could have missed.

Soon the owners again realized the numerical majority. On the 11th min. Tyurin, with the complete connivance of the protection of the guests, again on the second attempt finished off the puck into the goal – 2: 0. It is noteworthy that before this match, the realization of the majority at the Novokuznetsk club was only 10%. And in this match there are two possibilities and two realizations at once.

“Salavat Yulaev ” was able to recoup at the very end of the 1st period. Oddly enough, this was the fourth link of the guests. Bernikov, having received a pass from behind the gate, immediately shot on goal and played one goal for his team – 2: 1. This abandoned puck at the end of the first third of the game then influenced the entire further scenario of the game.

In the second period, the Ufa goalkeeper was replaced. Tarasov appeared on the site instead of Mezin. He had little work in the second dvadtsatiminutka, as well as scoring chances. In general, the second period did not bring anything interesting for the audience. But the fact that the fuse and the former confidence in the actions of the hockey players “Metallurg ” dried up was obvious. “Salavat Yulaev “, on the contrary, gave confidence to the puck, scored in the 19th minute, and slowly but surely the guests seized the initiative in the match.

In the 6th minute of the third period, the hosts could have scored a third goal and practically removed the question of the winner in this match, but Tarasov repulsed the blow from close range and the score remained the same. In general, in the course of the last period, the released goalkeeper “XU ” has played reliably in the frame of his gates more than once and his merit in the overall victory of the team is clearly great.

3 minutes before the end of the meeting, the Ufa team leveled the score and transferred the meeting to overtime. Having at that moment one more player on the court, the guests played an attack, the end of which was Mikeski’s throw into the empty net, as the puck in the general commotion at the goal jumped over the goalkeeper Shabanov – 2: 2.

In the 1st minute after the match resumed, a kind of historical event happened. “Salavat Yulaev ” has never won in overtime for several years. And this unsuccessful tradition was interrupted by Vladimir Antipov, who ran into a breakthrough, went one on one with the goalkeeper Shabanov and outplayed him – 2: 3.

The fans of “Metallurg” were clearly discouraged and upset by such a result of the meeting, where their favorites missed the victory, leading the score 2: 0. Hockey players from Novokuznetsk had to be content with only one point gained in this match.

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