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Provocative posts from Valve.

Hackers have hacked many celebrity Twitter accounts, including Barack Obama, Elon Musk and Kanye West. The cybercriminals posted messages about the distribution of cryptocurrency on the pages with millions of subscribers. They asked readers to send them a thousand dollars worth of bitcoins and promised to return them twice as much currency after that.

The owners of many Twitter accounts decided to play a trick on their readers and began to publish the most absurd messages that they would never have posted before. The official account also did not stand aside CS: GO… The developers have published several funny messages related to the game at once.

“The best color for players in matchmaking is purple.” This is perhaps the most unpopular color among all CS: GO players.

“Mirage is without a doubt the best card in the entire game.” Hating Mirage in the CS: GO community is very fashionable. Hate the card from time to time kindles Insider and Twitter star Don Haci, who doesn’t like the structure of the map and the fact that it almost always drops out to players on FACEIT. Mirage even the organizers of the CS Summit hate

“Playing with AWP is just an easy version of playing with SSG 08.” And then all the snipers burned out.

The CS: GO Twitter guy tried to look as serious as possible when he posted tweets. He even changed his profile picture to a stricter one. This is how the account avatar looked earlier.

A few hours later, all the joke tweets were deleted, and a funny apology for the early postings appeared in the account: “Sorry for that. Looks like someone else tweeted from our account. Though…”. And even a funny avatar was returned!


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