MISS MAXIM 2019 has started!


If your girlfriend (or even your wife) wants to become famous throughout the country and become the heroine of the September cover of the most widely read men’s edition of the country, MISS MAXIM 2019 is just what you and she need! Moreover, you yourself – provided that you are a girl – can apply to participate in this grand event.

From February 14 to April 15, all adult beauties, regardless of their citizenship and geographic location, can participate in the competition MISS MAXIM 2019!

It is easy to apply for participation. To do this, you need to post your photo on Instagram or VKontakte (preferably not one, but several) with a hashtag # missmaxim2019russia… The main thing is that the profile is open, and then our specially trained editor will be able to contact the applicant.

The hundred of the best will be selected according to the results of the reader’s vote, which will be held on the site miss.maximonline.ru from mid-April to late May.

Voting takes place in the “Who is hotter?” Format: the algorithm generates random pairs from the participants in the qualifying round. For each victory in such a pair, the girl gets one point, for a defeat she loses one point. This is how the final rating is formed.

The girls with the best rating will be invited by MAXIM to Moscow for a photo session, and according to the results, the editors will determine 10 finalists who will become the main contenders for the victory. The top ten will appear before the guests of the grand finale of MISS MAXIM, which is traditionally held in mid-July and will become one of the loudest events of the summer.

The winner, chosen by the star jury, will receive a crown, gifts from sponsors and, most importantly, become the heroine of the cover of the September issue of MAXIM! The rest of the finalists will receive gifts from sponsors and photos on the pages of the magazine


MISS MAXIM is an annual competition traditionally held by MAXIM magazine since 2006. Girls from different cities of Russia take part in it – regardless of where they live, the contestants have an equal chance of winning. The winners in different years were: Alisa Shamai from St. Petersburg (2006), Tatyana Andriyash from Krasnodar (2007), Evgeniya Neronskaya from Moscow (2008), Olga Kozobina from Tomsk (2009), Valentina Kolesnikova from Moscow (2010), Natalia Vyrostkova from Tyumen (2011), Karina Gurina from Yalta (2012), Anastasia Filimonova from Ramenskoye (2013), Ekaterina Surgucheva from Moscow (2014), Natalya Martynova from St. Petersburg (2015), Natalya Shuvalova from Nizhny Novgorod (2016), Ekaterina Kotaro from Shadrinsk (2017), Ekaterina Kiseleva from Novosibirsk (2018).

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