Model stripped naked at a gas station (photo attached) in protest



“I felt at the same time complete freedom and calmness: no one touches me, no one says anything to me. People were dispassionate, although, of course, they looked surprised, ”- shared her impressions of the experience of Miss Rojas. (Who, who are these people ?! We were supposed to be in their place!)

However, her impulse was not appreciated on the Internet. “I received comments from women who threatened to kill me, – said Are to the British edition. – They attacked me and condemned me, not listening to me, not watching the news and not knowing anything about me! “

“It’s amazing that in the 21st century, the naked human body causes more controversy, controversy and anxiety than the violence that occurs in our lives every day”– bitterly complained the brave Mexican.

Dear Are, we are not like that! We support you completely and recklessly, and, as Tsvetaeva said, with our heart and hand! As proof, we publish this eloquent gallery from Instagram, from which the world will understand that you are great and keep it up!


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