Model was photographed nude in a Turkish temple


The Belgian model Marisa Papen is our longtime acquaintance, the owner of a non-trivial hobby. She travels a lot, but no one will refuse to watch photos from her trips, because Marisa is photographed naked everywhere. And not just like that, without celebration, without inspiration, but in the name of a good goal and a new one every time.

Of her recent exploits – a photo at the Western Wall in Israel “In the name of freedom and breaking down the walls built to control wandering souls”, … She went to prison in Egypt for nude photography, and also filmed to to draw attention to environmental problems.

Marisu is unable to stop any public censure, nor the threats of individual fanatics who believe that people should definitely wear clothes. And this time she was photographed in Istanbul in the Hagia Sophia, which is considered a shrine by both Christians and Muslims.

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