Myasishchev, St. Petersburg youth and other players who switched from the VHL to the KHL



All these guys have done well in Major league… Now the moment has come for them to realize themselves for another higher level

n. Vladislav Barulin (Diesel – CSKA)

The past season was the best in Vlad’s career. In 55 games for Diesel, he scored 19 goals and made 23 assists. The forward is 24 years old today, with which he can only be congratulated. And now in Barulin’s career the moment has come when he needs to take a step forward. Of course, it will be very difficult for him to make his way to the main CSKA squad. But in Zvezda, this guy should come in handy. In any case, this transition to a system in which two clubs were recognized as the best in their leagues at the end of last season is a testament to Barulin’s progress.

n. David Dumbadze (“Diesel” – “Severstal”)

It should be noted that the Penza “Diesel” in this offseason was generous in personnel for the KHL clubs. Forward David Dumbadze went to Cherepovets for a viewing contract. The Penza native has played in the Yellow and Blue for the past six seasons, and during that time he has become a significant player for the team and a fan favorite. Like Barulin, Dumbadze’s last season was the most productive in his career so far. Just over a month ago, David signed a viewing contract with Severstal. “First, the second coach called me from there. Then Andrei Razin dialed me. They expressed their interest and told me that I have a chance to try myself there. I, of course, took this news positively, as I had been waiting for such an opportunity for a long time. strength, because it is not known whether I will have another chance to try myself at this level, “- this is how David described this moment. Andrei Razin, as a rule, is quite willing to work with the guys from the VHL, so the guy will definitely have a chance.

h. Dmitry Vozovik (Lada – Dynamo (Moscow)

In Togliatti, Vozovik has grown into a very strong defender. “+27” in the “Plus-minus” column is a very solid indicator, with which Dmitry became one of the best defencists in the VHL. Obviously, in the near future, he should outgrow the level of this league, and he will have the opportunity to do this in Moscow “Dynamo”. No one will give Vozovik a place in the leading combinations of defenders, but he is able to compete for a position in the third pair.

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Lada made an exchange with Dynamo Moscow. The Togliatti club received monetary compensation for the defender Dmitry Vozovik. Dmitry Vozovik: – Two seasons at Lada contained so many events in my life, as if I played in Togliatti for at least ten years. Many thanks to the management of the club, thanks to whose work all conditions have been created to grow and develop as a hockey player. Thanks to all the coaches who have worked with me all this time and helped me grow professionally and playfully. And, of course, special thanks to the fans who supported all this time, drove forward to victories, waited after the matches to cheer up. It is not just that two seasons in a row Lada became the leader in attendance in the League. Togliatti fans – forever in my heart! When signing a contract with the Togliatti club, I set myself the goal of getting into the KHL, so there was an agreement that in case of interest from the clubs of the Continental League I would be given a chance to try myself at a higher level. Any athlete strives for this. Moving to Dynamo is just such a chance for me! For two seasons with Lada Vozovik played in 110 matches, gaining 47 (10 + 37) points. Twice he became the best defender of the VHL month. We thank Dmitry for his performance in the Togliatti club and wish him success in his future career!

Publication from HC “Lada” Togliatti (@hc_lada)

h. Mark Marin (Bars – Torpedo)

The prospects for this guy from Togliatti look even brighter. The defense line in “Torpedo” is not filled with stars of the highest level, so the former representative of “Bars” Kazan may well gain a foothold there. His strengths include the ability to wage a power struggle and connect to attacks. Marin spent twelve years in the Ak Bars system. But the road to the KHL through the team of Dmitry Kvartalnov was too difficult for him. We hope that everything will work out for Mark in Nizhny Novgorod.

h. Igor Myasishchev (“Star” – “Salavat Yulaev”)

The story of the former captain of the “army” club is similar to that of Marina. Igor spent many years in the CSKA system, where he took a leading role in “Zvezda” and several times appeared in the first team. But the competition in Igor Nikitin’s team over the past few years has been prohibitive, so Myasishchev left to look for his way to the KHL in Ufa. Artem Sergeev went to Moscow instead. This defender is good not only in his zone. He is also extremely effective in attack, and his 34 (5 + 29) points in 62 meetings only confirms this. In “Zvezda” Igor constantly played in the majority brigade. It is likely that in “Salavat” he will have a slightly different role. However, making Myasishchev a defender is, in my opinion, a bit silly. This guy is a real all-rounder. And if he continues to develop at the same pace, then he will be able to organically integrate and strengthen the Ufa team.

n. Kamil Shiafootdinov (“Trans-Urals” – “Torpedo”)

Over the past two years, which Kamil spent in Kurgan, he managed to develop leadership qualities and became the team captain. Of course, Shiafootdinov was one of the leading people in his team, not only in spirit, but also in play. No wonder he became the top scorer of the “Trans-Urals” last season (33 points in 53 games played). Shiafootdinov is far from being a great sniper, but he is good at playing along. If David Nemirovsky, together with his staff, finds good partners for Kamil in the top three, he will be able to declare himself at the KHL level.

n. Kukshtel, z. Miromanov, z. Ogirchuk, N. Petkov (“SKA-Neva” – “Sochi”)

The prospects of these guys, who moved from St. Petersburg to hot Sochi, should be considered together, since they moved to the camp of “leopards” together. The calculation of the SKA management in this deal is simple and correct: the guys who performed well last year in the VHL need playing practice at the level of the KHL, which it will not be easy for them to get in the first team of the “army” club. Therefore, they had to be sent to where they could gain a foothold in the main team. “Sochi”, as a satellite club that has reoriented itself to young people, is the best suited for this purpose. This deal is useful both for the clubs and for the guys themselves.

h. Anatoly Elizarov (Dynamo St. Petersburg – Sochi)

Anatoly Elizarov will also soon have to change the cold shores of the Gulf of Finland to the warm coast of the Black Sea. This defenseman began his performances at the VHL level at Toros, and then, in transit through Tambov, he ended up at Dynamo St. Petersburg, where he spent the second half of the last VHL regular championship and playoffs. He is a solid defender and couch potato who must help Sochi cement the space in front of their goal next season.

h. Vladislav Semin (SKA-Neva – Metallurg)

A similar logic is also observed in the departure of Semin from the Northern capital. Semin got a lot of opportunities to show himself in the first team of SKA in the 18-19 season, but last year he spent in the farm club of the St. Petersburg CSKA. Vladislav has played for SKA-Neva over the past four years, and now in his career the moment has come for a change. “Magnitogorsk”, in turn, need high-quality young blood in the line of defense, and they will receive it in the person of Semin.

h. Gleb Babintsev (“Metallurg” – “Tractor”)

This guy, who showed himself well last season in the Kurgan “Trans-Urals”, could try to get into and gain a foothold in the main squad of “Metallurg”. But the residents of Magnitogorsk conducted a powerful additional application campaign, because of which Gleb had practically no opportunity to break into the KHL in the system of his club. In terms of his playing characteristics, Babintsev is in many ways similar to Semin. He is the same defender-owner of his zone, for whom the defense of his goal is at the forefront. At the age of twenty, Gleb had already tasted North American hockey. In the 2017/18 season, he played for Peterborough in the Ontario Hockey League. In Chelyabinsk, the guy will definitely not be bored, because Pavel Dorofeev, Dmitry Sheshin and Semyon Buivan, who were familiar to him on the Metallurg system, moved there with him.

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🎙Sergey Laskov, first vice-president of the club: ⠀ ❔It became known to continue the scheme with obtaining the rights to Prokhorkin – defender Vladislav Syomin joined the team. ⠀ 💬 Semin is a defender of a defensive plan, dimensional, fearless, with an excellent throw, has a good effect on the opponent in terms of power. We got the option with his candidacy after we found ourselves in a situation where we needed to find a good central striker with a Russian passport, which Nikolay became. In the end, it so happened that Semin was in the framework of this common deal between the three clubs. ⠀ ❔Four young guys are going to Chelyabinsk as part of this deal? ⠀ 💬Let’s like this – the competition in Magnitogorsk is high, and I will immediately say that in the original variation of Traktor in the general exchange I wanted to see two more players born in 2003 – striker Danila Yurov and defender Bogdan Krokhalev, but we were able to defend them. We see in them a very good potential and powerful inclinations for development. As for the departed players, the guys could have been pickled for another year or two, but there are also guys born in 2003 and 2004 on the way! Why keep the guys in that case? For VHL? I want, for example, Dorofeev to grow up, to rise from the fourth link. And in our current line-up it is very difficult for him to rise. It’s time for him to grow. Sheshin is an active player, one of the best scorers of Steel Foxes, mobile, but he needs to develop further, get used to the KHL speeds, get used to a different reading of the game. And time goes by, at some point he stopped in this progress. Again, no question, they made a great contribution to the development of our youth team. Today, Metallurg has a fairly strong line-up, and the guys must show themselves, discover something new in themselves, if they work more on themselves and get extensive playing practice. ⠀ ❔ Were there any options to keep one of the guys? ⠀ 💬 Actually, we discussed a lot of candidates. For example, I have already spoken about those whom we have saved. Therefore, we agreed that next year new names will appear in the KHL games – we will try our younger pupils in the main team. ⠀ ➡️ Continue read the link in the profile👆

Publication from “Metallurg” Magnitogorsk (@hcmetallurg)

h. Mark Rubinchik (“Toros” – “Tractor”)

Another young defender who strengthened the Chelyabinsk team was Mark Rubinchik. In 2019, Mark became the bronze medalist of the MFM in the Russian national team, and last season he regularly played for Toros. For some reason, a rather promising guy turned out to be not needed by “Salavat”, and now he will build his further career in Chelyabinsk.

n. Vladimir Mikhasenok (“ORGI” – “Torpedo”)

The forward, who defended the colors of the Chinese “ORGI” last season, has already managed to appear in the Nizhny Novgorod club system in his career. True, it was a few years ago, when he appeared in “The Seagull” from the MHL for more than a month. During this time, the forward has matured thoroughly and got stronger at the level of the VHL. He had a good regular season with a team from Beijing. There were rumors that the best scorer of the team, Artur Tyanulin, who scored 50 points in 52 games, could also be in the KHL, but so far only Mikhasenok has gone up for promotion. It will not be easy to gain a foothold in the main line-up of “Torpedo”, but he can do it.

n. Nikita Tertyshny (“Ugra” – “Tractor”)

In the course of last season, this promising striker went to Khanty-Mansiysk to receive playing practice, since there was no place for him in the main team of “Tractor”. It worked out well. In the VHL, he remembered what it was like to score into the opponent’s goal. And now, having gained experience and new emotions, he will again try to gain a foothold in the basis of black and white. What will come of it – we’ll see.


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