NAVI were much weaker. Alliance did what they wanted – How does it work? – Blogs


50 thousand advantages on the first map and the fearless Niko on the second.

After defeating Prodigy NAVI got on Alliance in the semifinals of the upper bracket OGA Dota Pit… The fans were waiting for a real classic, but the result was a beating – on the first map, Alliance seized the advantage from the start, completely controlled the game and finished with a margin of 50 thousand gold. See how they entered the NAVI base – they broke the barracks without any problems and drove NAVI around the base for more than a minute:

On the second map, the struggle did not work either. On the 25th minute, NAVI lost 15 thousand gold, and Nikobaby was so strong that he jumped into the crowd of rivals alone. They could not kill him. This does not work out:

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