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Conceptualizing OGA Dota Pit.

As it usually happens, the first tournament after a big break changes the Dota meta a lot. FROM OGA Dota Pit the same story happened: the teams brought in new blanks, for which you would have received a report for a couple of months.

1. Mead DOOM

The main newbie on the center lane. Doom got two small creep camps under mid, +30 gold on the first level with Devour and +1 armor (this is the most important thing, no kidding!).

In addition, the hero, due to the increased regeneration and the anomalous attack range for a melee hero, costs almost any line. Young G from NAVI held out against Kvopa, and the only one who completely outplayed Doom and didn’t even let him farm the forest was Monkey King from Topson.

Dooms go out to fast Wessel, BKB, drums or Blink. No, you don’t understand – very fast.

Another reason to take Doom is the meta heroes with big buttons. Magnuses, Voids and Phoenixes just ask to press the righteous DOOM on them.

At the time of this writing (only the grand final is not played) DOOM is the top 3 hero of the pickrate tournament with a 6-5 stats. Not bad for a non-standard mid lane, huh?

2. Zeus Maxit Arc Lightning

This is exactly what Topson showed in the bottom bracket final. Topias refused Lightning Bolt due to a sharp increase in mana cost in patch 7.27b – from 90/105/120/135 to 125/130/135/140. Parallel to Zeus, the damage from q was slightly increased. Again, small creep camps are much easier to hit with chain lightning.

On the other hand, Iceberg rocked 2-4-0-1 in the same tournament. But for the build of Topias drowns and Bowie, an amateur esports player and YouTube guide maker.

3. Meteor Hammer on Phoenix

It’s amazing that no one has thought of this artifact before. Phoenix eliminates the only disadvantage of the Hammer – the forced inaction during the cast. The point is that the Hammer can be cast during Sun Ray.

Further more. MH has a small cast range, but this is not a problem for Phoenix. Watch as Sachs throws meteorites through the screen through the Icarus Dive.

4. Venomancer returned to Dota! Now he’s a nasty offlaner

Five matches at OGA Dota Pit, statistics 2-3. The hero was remembered because of the passive buff (at the second level already 16 damage per second!) And the increased health of wards (120 at the first level versus 75 in the last patch).

Offlane Venomancer has a free itembuild. S4 took Pica, Halberd and Solar against physical draft, DM and Tobi prefer Meca and Aghanim. The situationality and strongest laning make Venomancer a sought-after hero.

5. Once again rethought Magnus

The last time Magnus was in the meta, it was a mid lane with a fast Aghanim, a lot of farm and damage. Before mid was Magnus aka “Empower-bot” in fourth (and TNC even fifth).

Now Magnataur is offlane again, and he combined the best of both builds. On the one hand, Magnus collects a saber and takes over someone else’s forest. On the other hand, he is taken for specific melee heroes, at any time he buys Pipe / Grieves and helps the team.

However, despite the hero’s popularity (13 matches!), His winrate is only 30%. Largely because he was taken in the first stage by NiP and, the outsiders of the tournament.

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