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Hello! We thought that there are thousands of players in the CIS who are not strong enough to take top places in amateur tournaments, but they are no longer interested in playing just pubs. We decided to make our own league. Without a blackjack and you know what, but with its own characteristics.

Actually, what prevents an ordinary player from participating in tournaments? Well, no matter how hard you sweat, in the final you will meet a group of friends with an average rating of 9k, which will take all the prize money. They just farm all non-pro tournaments in a row. What can you do about it?

There are two registrations in our league: for managers and for players. The managers themselves do not participate in the games, they only collect the squads and train / motivate whenever possible. And then we have a tension with managers in the CIS, what if someone will discover talent in themselves? We opened the registration, recruited a couple of hundred doters, checked their accounts for smurfing. We opened registration for managers, recruited 18 people, gave them a list of registered players. Every Friday, managers submit their squad for the next round, games are held on Saturday and Sunday. We broadcast all games on Twitch and VK. On Monday, the transfer window opens when managers can switch players.

You ask “What prevents the manager from recruiting 5 guys hi-mmr?” And we will explain: each manager has 250 credits for which he can collect a squad. And each player has its own “value”. It depends on the rating and position in the game. Thus, the stronger 2-3 people in the team, the weaker the rest will be.

Registration of players is always open:

We are almost ready to start, the managers will start picking up the lineups for the first round on August 1st. Oh yeah, league duration: ~ 4 months. The starting prize fund (it will increase) is about $ 620.

We will be glad to see everyone in our league! And, of course, we are waiting for feedback from the community! 🙂

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