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We missed you.

When we complained about consistent online league matches in June, we didn’t appreciate what we had. In July, without the games of teams from Europe and the CIS, it became completely sad – even the Immortal treasure did not sweeten the pill.

And so, on July 27, OGA Dota PIT Season 2 begins – a short tournament with top teams that is definitely worth watching.

List of participants

Date and format

Dates: July 27-30

Format – Playoffs without groups in Double Elimination format.

All playoff matches except the final are BO3, the final is BO5.

Prize fund tournament: $ 170,000.

Who to follow and who to root for?

In this tournament, each team has an interesting backstory. Briefly about each:

NAVI. For the first time they will perform in a new line-up with Immershn and Young G. The latter should be especially watched: the young CIS-Dota star has not yet shown himself at worthy tournaments

VP.P… They will just play for the first time in two months. The guys sat without tournament practice because of the TO decisions not to let two teams from one orgy into tournaments. finally gave Prodigy a chance to show themselves – they will definitely play at 101%.

OG. Seb is back in the game! But Sumail left the team without really playing a single tournament. Interestingly, Topson is now the carry and MidOne is back in the center. I wonder if Topias will break Dota even in the first position?

Flytomoon. Conquerors of the hearts of viewers from the CIS can steal the sympathies of Europeans, if they show the same strong Dota as a month ago. True, once Fly has already succeeded:

NIP. Cr1t on the top five – have you ever seen this ?! At least because of him, it is worth watching the matches of this team.… I’ll just leave a tweet of the four here.

ā€œI wonder who our opponents will be in OGA DotaPit. I hope they are ready to be destroyed šŸ™‚ ā€.

Team Nigma. Judging by China, the meta of Miracles’ favorite heroes has come. He can really pull this tournament out in solo.

Alliance. Option for Artyom’s personal fans. It seems that Alliance will take the top 6 by all means, no more and no less, so every victory is worth its weight in gold for them.

Where to see?

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