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All the facts about his career in one picture.

Nitr0 leaves Team Liquid after 5.5 years in the organization. Several sources have already reported this; line-up change announced CEO Liquid and the player himself, tweeting “see you next time, friends.”

Nick has been really underplayed lately and is at the bottom of the frags table, but many underestimate his contribution to Team Liquid and the entire American CS: GO-stage. For a time he was considered the best player in America, and then transferred to the role of captain and created one of the strongest squads in the history of Counter-Strike. All of his main achievements during his career at Liquid are in this picture.

Among these achievements are three important points.

2024 days in the team. Nitr0 and EliGE hold the record for playing in the same organization among all North American players. During these five and a half years, the player experienced all possible emotions with Liquid: failure in qualifying for a Major, criticism from fans, and then reaching the Major final and winning six tournaments in a row. All this time, Nitr0 was a liaison in the team and helped the teammates both as assistants in the game and mentally outside of it.

5 qualifications to the playoffs of the Major. It was Liquid (not Cloud9) that became the first American team to show a decent performance at the Major. At MLG Columbus, the roster sensationally reached the semifinals, and six months later, at ESL One Cologne 2016, it even reached the final. Largely thanks to Nitro, American Counter-Strike began to be perceived as a serious force, and not an object of ridicule.

Winning the second season of the Intel Grand Slam. When Astralis won the first season of IGS (it took 4 major events to win) in 523 days, everyone thought that number would not be beaten any time soon. Liquid toured its competitors in the first half of 2019 and won the “Grand Slam” CS: GO scenes in just 144 days. Nitro played one of the decisive roles in all the tournaments of the second season of IGS.

* * *

Obviously, even despite the not very good statistics recently, Nitr0 will be of interest to many teams – as an experienced English-speaking captain.

I would not want such an iconic US player to disappear from the tier-1 scene so early.

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