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Alexander Chernyshev is indignant.

OGA Dota PIT became the first tournament after a long break. I really wanted to see the new lineup NAVI in combat conditions, on VP.P without practice and for Seb’s return to OG… The impression was ruined after the first map.

Derby of two CIS teams.

Spades of the second map.

“I’m not interested in watching this at all.”

Studios sometimes forget that it’s the teams, tournament operators and spectators who feed them and give them jobs.

Have respect.

People watch Dota, and generally play computer games to escape from everyday worries. And it is the casters who should help them in this. Imagine a person who does not spend a lot of time in the game, does not live in Dota, does not follow all the news on Sports.ru and does not subscribe to the tweets of all more or less media personalities. He comes home after work, hopes to relax and watch the game of his favorite team.

Includes broadcast. And the first thing he hears is “I’m not interested in watching this at all”. Why does NS think that he has the right to shift his problems, bad mood or laziness onto the viewer? The cashier in the store does not tell every customer that he has a small salary, and night shifts do not allow him to see children – he just does his job. The taxi driver does not complain about the increased price of gasoline and a sore back due to a sedentary lifestyle – he just does his job. The DJ on the radio does not talk on air that he is getting divorced from his wife and is looking forward to the end of his shift to go home – he just does his job.

The caster, the cashier, the taxi driver and the DJ have something in common – their job is to make our life a little easier. Make it more comfortable. NS, would you yourself be pleased if people of the above professions suddenly dumped their problems on you? How would you feel about this? Stood and listened – or turned around and left?

Interest in the tournament is being killed by the people who have to create it.

Are you okay?

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