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Each of us wants to do what Yaroslav does one day.

We all sometimes do things that we don’t want to do. How, at such a moment, you want to send everyone to hell and tell you what you think about it.

NS did just that – he spoke about the VP.P-NAVI match after the very first map. He stated that he did not want to watch such a Dota and wanted to get home as soon as possible.

NS: “Okay, everyone, I hope it’s 2-0. You see, I’m not fooling anyone, I hope it’s 2-0. I’m not interested in watching this at all. “

7inmyhouse: “You don’t work anymore today, do you?”

NS: “Yes, that’s why I hope!”

7inmyhouse: “And you cheat on one Bo3 series!”

NS: “Yes Yes Yes Yes! You see, I’ve been for the last year, maybe a year and a half … We are all time, constantly. As if “He who does not lie, he was the first to lie”, objectively. And I thought, “Why cheat even in small things?” I’ve tried not to lie for the past couple of years. I’m honest: I don’t fucking need this. I don’t need this game. I want it to end and I left here. So please, 2-0, NAVI, go ahead, our boys! Dandy on Pooja and so on. Because, honestly, what I saw is not interesting to me at all. “

Have you ever thought that you don’t like your job? NS experienced the same thing today.

7inmyhouse: “Then what is this all for, Yaroslav?”

NS: “What exactly?”

7inmyhouse: “That’s all. Here you are sitting, you do not need this game, but you are sitting “

NS: “Work work! Millions of people go to jobs they don’t fucking need. Well! I’m just one of them, that’s all. “

7inmyhouse: “This is a very capacious and accurate description of what we do.”

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