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“New Neuer” is being mastered in a top club.

23-year-old goalkeeper Alexander Nuebel has been called the new Neuer for a couple of years now: they are similar in style of play and appearance, both played and captained at Schalke, even the height was the same. The similarity only intensified when Nübel negotiated a move to Bayern in the winter.

Then Alexander had a difficult six months: the young goalkeeper was thrown out of the base, he made a lot of mistakes, received a long disqualification due to a rough foul. Yes, and just “Schalke” fell after the coronavirus pause.

But on July 1, Nübel finally moved to Bayern, and it seems that the young goalkeeper’s affairs are getting better. For the first training session, Alexander arrived in a budget Volkswagen Polo for 11 thousand euros.

And here is a photo of Nübel leaving training in a brand new sponsored Audi RS6 Avant for 116 thousand euros. Not a bad upgrade on the first day.

Audi is one of the biggest sponsors of FC Bayern. The club and the automobile concern have been cooperating since 2002, and in 2011 Audi even became the owner of the club’s shares.

Last year, Bayern President Uli Hennes talked about an agreement with BMW from 2025, but the deal fell through. Munich demanded a penalty from the company for “loss of confidence” and signed a new contract with Audi, according to which it receives 60 million euros a year.

Fans drew attention to the fact that Lewandowski drives not an Audi, but a luxurious Bentley convertible.

But there is no problem here: both Audi and Bentley (and Bugatti and Porsche) owned by Volkswagen… So even Nübel didn’t break any rules when he came to practice in the Polo. It’s just that the top club doesn’t want players to drive modest cars.

Photo: bild.de; fcbayern.com


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